Avengers Movie Trailer

Trailer shown at the SDCC a couple weeks ago. While it just shows the logo it does have Samuel Jackson, aka Nick Fury, doing the voice over!

Who Will Be The New Man Without Fear?

Here is the Nova teaser from the Mondo Marvel Panel that was shown off last weekend at the 2010 Comic-Con held in San Diego.

SDCC '10: Smallville Trailers

The trailers shown at the 2010 Comic-Con International Smallville: Final Season Panel have been released and features the Superman Costume and more!

SDCC '10: Thor Movie Trailer

Check out the Thor movie trailer that was shown to much fan approval at the 2010 Comic-Con international held this past weekend!

Green Lantern Movie SDCC '10 Posters

Warner Bros. has released the four character posters from the recent SDCC. We see Mark Strong as Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, more!

SDCC '10: Captain America's Shield!

In addition to the "Thor" movie helmets and Destroyer armor, Marvel also showed off the shield from "Captain America: First Avenger!"

SDCC '10: Marvel Unveils The Infinity Gauntlet!

UPDATED: Infinity Gauntlet prop revealed at Comic-Con confirmed for "Thor" movie as part of Odin's collection. Will it be featured in "Avengers?"

SDCC '10: Pics, Images, Costumes and more!

The SDCC is coming to a close and with that why not check out some cool costumes and images from the Comic-Con! Over 100 images!

SDCC '10: Spider-Man Joins the Fantastic Four!

The SDCC: Spider-Man Panel is being held right now with news that Spider-Man will become a member of the Fantastic Four, once again!

SDCC '10: Spider-Man Panel

Follow along LIVE with Cosmic Book News and Marvel! Images below the feed! Full write-up after the panel!


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