Cosmic Quick Takes For 10/20/10

Recent reviews of cosmic and sci-fi comics including Chaos War #2, Doctor Solar #3, Guarding The Globe #2, Kick-Ass 2 #1 and more!

Brewer Report: Fin Fang Foom

Our merry mutants head on over to Moster Island where they will encounter some of the greatest Kirby monsters of all time!

What The D'ast? Tana Nile

Talk about having a "big" head! One of the empire’s most famous Colonizers that seemingly perished in the Annihilation War!

What The D'ast? Firelord

More than any other Herald of Galactus, even the fabled Silver Surfer, I have always had an admiration for the character of Firelord.

The Brewer Report: Grim Reaper

The lieutenant of the Chaos King will be taking on the Earth's last best hope - The Dead Avengers! Read all about the time eraser!

Cosmic Quick Takes For 10/13/10

Brief Reviews of cosmic and sci-fi comic for the past week including: "Thanos Imperative #5," "Hulks #614," "Turok," "Star Trek" and more!

NYCC'10 Report

Jim Haley reports in from last weekend's NYCC! Jim tells us about the DC and Marvel Booths! He also fills us in on Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel.

What The D'ast? The Presence

Perhaps another grave danger will soon make his … er uh, "presence" … known in the Marvel Cosmos! From Byron Brewer!

Word Life: Understanding the new Cena-ma

You can't 'C' Cena - but you can see Byron Brewer's wrastle-tastic article on the superstar! You want some? Come get some!

Marvel's Answer to Green: Silver? Marvel Cosmic's Lustrous Lining

Marvel’s most popular cosmic character, the Silver Surfer, could be up for a promotion of cosmic proportions!

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