To Infinity and beyond: Throwing down the Gauntlet

Appearing in the pages of "The Avengers," the "Thor Movie" and you never know when they might pop up in the Cosmic comics!

What The D'ast? Terrax

One of the things I liked most about Terrax was, even while under servitude to Galactus, he was out for Number One, himself.

The Brewer Report: Ultron

Ultron is a criminally insane rogue sentient robot dedicated to conquest and the extermination of humanity! From Byron Brewer!

What The D'ast? Jakar

Although he has been around for decades now, not many Marvelites, even dyed-in-the-wool cosmic fanboys, know of Jakar.

Cosmic Quick Takes For 10/27/10

Brief Reviews of Sci-Fi and Cosmic comics including Hulks #615, Enigma Force #2, Avengers #6 - and more!

Science-Flick-Tion: Frankenstein

Halloween is here and Managing Editor Byron Brewer takes a look at the classic horror monster - Frankestein!

What The D'ast? Bloodstone

I chose to call Bloodstone a cosmic character because his source of power, the Bloodgem, has its origins in outer space.

What The D'ast? Glorian

It was in the pages of Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 No. 190 that this Dreamer first introduced himself – and a great introduction it was!

The Cosmic Guy: Uncle Steve wants YOU!

So who might Nova’s replacement be when next Steve needs a cosmic powerhouse? Byron Brewer investigates!

The State Of Hollywood: Oscar Gold and Why Avatar Was Robbed

In the end, Hollywood Land is a bubble run by cliques, gossip-mongering and petty jealousy.

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