Robert Kirkman

10 Facts Why Lori Is Still Alive In The Walking Dead TV Show (AMC)

The DOC presents to you 10 reasons why Lori is still alive in AMC's The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead #1 Goes For $10,000 On EBay

The hottest comic books currently on the market are none other than back issues of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead!

"The Governor" Returns In This Week's CBLDF Liberty Annual 2012!

You've seen his debut on TV, now check out his return to the comics page! The Governor is back to to fight censorship!

Advanced Review: The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine

The premiere issue of the Walking Dead Magazine is here! See if you can devour your way through this massive 100 page spectacular!

TV Review: The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode One - 'Seed'

Everyone should have had ample time to watch the season premiere, so, without further ado -- Spoilers Ahoy!

The Walking Dead & Justice League Beat Out Uncanny Avengers 20 Variant Covers

Uncanny Avengers was no match for Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead or even Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League.

NYCC 2012: Walking Dead Exclusive Merchandise!

Just to get you even more excited about Season 3 of The Walking Dead, here are the NYCC 2012 exclusives! Extremely limited and extremely hot! Get 'em fast!

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