Nicholas Cage

Left Behind Teaser Trailer; Stars Nicholas Cage

Apocalyptic action-thriller based on the popular novels.

Kelsey Grammer Goes From Transformers 4 To The Expendables 3; Replaces Nicholas Cage

Bonaparte, an ex-mercenary who helps the Expendables in their mission.

The Death of "Superman Lives" Kickstarter Documentary Trailer Now Online

Looks into the never finished Tim Burton Nicolas Cage film "Superman Lives."

Evil Dead Tops Box Office With $26 Million

Top 5 movies for this past weekend.

Nicholas Cage Eyes Doctor Strange Movie (Video)

Does Nicholas Cage have his Eye of Agamotta set on Doctor Strange?

Possible New Image Of Nicholas Cage As Superman Doesn't Look Too Bad

A very Burton-esque Superman suit of Cage lands online.

Superman Lives Movie Documentary Needs A Kickstart

Help bring Superman Lives to life as a kickstarter campaign has been started for a documentary and scenes.

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