Marko Djurdjevic

So Steve McNiven Only Did One Issue Of Guardians of the Galaxy

Another Marvel Cosmic success story for Axel Alonso.

Now Bendis Compares His Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes To Whedon's Firefly

Let's take a look at Firefly, McNiven's new Guardians of the Galaxy designs and the DnA versions.

Marko Djurdjevic's Thanos Rising #1 Variant Cover Revealed

Check out the Thanos Rising variant cover from Guardians of the Galaxy costume artist Marko Djurdjevic.

First Look at Marvel's Fear Itself "The Worthy" Characters

Check out a first look at some of the big bad guys from Marvel Fear Itself - "The Worthy!"

Your First Look At Three Superstar Variants To WOLVERINE: BEST THERE IS #1!

Marvel is proud to present your first look at three new variant covers from superstar artists, Phil Jimenez, Gabrielle Dell’otto, and Marko Djurdjevic!

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