Joe Prado

Jim Lee Leaving Justice League; Ivan Reis and Joe Prado Onboard

The covers for Justice League #15 &16 are revealed with news that Jim Lee exits the book.

Justice League #0 Variant Covers Revealed — SHAZAM!

DC Comics revealed the Ivan Reis and Joe Prado variant cover to Justice League #0.

First Look At Aquaman #7 Cover Features "The Other League"

Johns revealed the cover to Aquman #7 featuring a new league of heroes - from the deeps down below!

Earth 2 Variant Cover Features Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman

Check out Ivan Reis and Joe Prado's variant cover to Earth Two!

Ivan Reis and Joe Prado artists on Geoff Johns' Aquaman

At this weekend's WonderCon it was announced by Geoff Johns that Ivan Reis and Joe Prado would be the artists on the Aquaman ongoing.

Review: Brightest Day #21

The last few issues of Brightest Day have been really good and with Brightest Day #21, it's more of the same.

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