Infinity Gems

Natalie Portman Has A Green Infinity Gem In New Thor 2 Photos?

Natalie Portman has some strange object powered by a strange green light in Thor 2 set images. Any ideas?

Infinity Gauntlet: Diamonds are forever, but Infinity Gems have Soul

M.E. Byron Brewer gives us a run down on the history of the Infinity Gauntlet — just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

Review: The Avengers #7

Bendis’ knowledge and appreciation for the history that is the Avengers’ is growing and today’s stories are improving! Well done, all. Bring on the Illuminati!

Marvel Next Big Thing: Avengers With Brian Bendis

Marvel held a "Next Big Thing: Avengers" conference call with writer Brian Bendis and VP Tom Brevoort on the Illuminati, Red Hulk, Infinity Gems and more!

To Infinity and beyond: Throwing down the Gauntlet

Appearing in the pages of "The Avengers," the "Thor Movie" and you never know when they might pop up in the Cosmic comics!

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