Green Lantern 2

Ryan Reynolds Says No To Green Lantern 2; Most Likely Getting Rebooted

Reynolds doesn't think you could sell it to anyone.

Exclusive: Johns, Snyder, Goyer Part Of DC Movies Creative Team; More On Green Lantern 2, Ryan Reynolds & Justice League Updates

Our source fills us in on some info which also includes Man of Steel 2, Batman Reboot and Christopher Nolan.

Ryan Reynolds May Return As Green Lantern With Right Justice League Movie Director & Script

Still a glimmer of hope for Ryan Reynolds reprising as GL. Would you want him back?

Mark Strong Was Excited To Play Sinestro In Green Lantern 2

"Harnessing the power of fear and putting on the yellow suit."

JMS Offers Thoughts On How To Do Green Lantern Movie

JMS says how GL should have been done.

Green Lantern 2 Would Be A Surprise To Mark Strong

Will there ever be a Green Lantern 2?

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