Doctor Who

First Footage of Doctor Who David Tennant & Matt Smith To Be Revealed - IF!

Find out how to help unlock the first 10th & 11th Doctor footage.

Watch The Doctor Who "The Name of the Doctor" She Said, He Said Prequel

The Doctor and Clara reflecting on how little they know each other.

Doctor Who Review: "Nightmare In Silver"

Darren Blackburn reviews the Neil Gaiman penned episode.

Doctor Who "The Name of the Doctor" Season Finale Preview

The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave. And it is discovered...

Doctor Who "Nightmare In Silver" Preview

Written by Neil Gaiman featuring the Cybermen.

Doctor Who Review: "The Crimson Horror"

U.K. Correspondent Darren Blackburn's favorite episode of the season!

Doctor Who Review: "Journey To The Center Of The Tardis"

UK Correspondent Darren Blackburn reviews the latest episode of Who.

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