Dark Avengers

The Brewer Report: Marvel re-assembles the Dark Avengers! (Again)

Luke Cage takes charge of yet another group of Assemblers in June when Thunderbolts becomes — Dark Avengers!

WonderCon 2012: First Look At New Dark Avengers; More Marvel Cosmic Info

The Dark Avengers Assemble! Mention of Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Fantastic Four and more!

Thunderbolts To Become Dark Avengers In June

This June will see Thunderbolts renamed to Dark Avengers with issues #175 and #176.

Marvel Comics Preview: New Avengers #19

Norman Osborn’s new Dark Avengers are put to the test  next month in New Avengers #19, courtesy of the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato!

Marvel "Who Are The Dark Avengers" Teaser

Marvel sent over the following teaser revealing a new team of Dark Avengers!

Beta Ray Bill Punches Galactus In This Week’s MyCup o’ Joe

Beta Ray Bill vs Galactus, Dark Avengers, Dark: Reign Electra, Secret Warriors and more at this weeks My Cup O' Joe!

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