Christian Bale

Christian Bale Explains Batman Voice ( Video)

Bale explains the reasoning behind the Batman voice.

Hans Zimmer Still Unsure About Scoring Batman Vs. Superman (Video)

Zimmer needs to have a sit down with Zack Snyder.

Watch Eion Bailey & Cillian Murphy Batman Begins Screen Test (Video)

Special feature part of The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-Ray.

Watch Christian Bale's Batman Audition With Man of Steel's Amy Adams

Bale auditioning using Val Kilmer's Batman suit.

Top 10 Ben Affleck Batman Memes

Fans are raging on social networks about Batfleck!

With Bale Out: Will Leonardo DiCaprio Come On Board Batman/Superman as The Riddler?

Possible bad blood between Bale and DiCaprio pave way for the Riddler in Batman/Superman?

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