Call of Duty: Undead

Interview: Kevin Tanski Answers The Call Of The Undead, The Wanted Trail & More

Cosmic Book News catches up with Tanski on his latest film projects and more.

Interview: Aleksandar Ivicic Talks Call Of Duty Undead, Transition To Hollywood & More

The 23-year-old Croatian refugee updates Cosmic Book News on his latest projects and more.

Three New Call Of Duty Undead Movie Posters Released

Indie movie about an all-out war for survival against a wave of undead experiments.

Check Out Some New Call Of Duty Undead Images

Indie flick coming out soon.

Call of Duty Undead Trailer Now Online

Check out the Alpha Squad as they get set to take on the Undead!

Exclusive: Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer Artimus Pyle Joins Call Of Duty Undead

Plays a veteran father to a member of the Alpha Squad.

Call Of Duty: Undead Signs Bodybuilder Rick Primerano For The Role Of Steel

2012 Mr. Buffalo will play main antagonist to the Alpha Squad.

Call of Duty: Undead Character Pics

Batch of new pics from the COD: Undead flick.

Call of Duty: Undead Launches IndieGoGo Campaign; Partners With Fitness 19; Teaser Trailer

Call of Duty: Undead has set up an Indie GoGo campaign to help fund the non-profit project which includes many available perks.

Call of Duty Undead Teaser Trailer Now Online

The Call of Duty Undead teaser trailer premiered at the GameStop launch party for Black Ops II.

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