C2E2 Captain America Poster Revealed

Cool Adi Granov poster.

Dan Slott Brings Back Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O'Hara comes to the present day.

C2E2: The Sentry Returns: Will see Rematch With Thor

Marvel Comics Superman comes home.

Check Out 8-Bit Darkhawk

Avengers Arena cover.

Dark Horse Announces New Halo Comic Book

This exciting new miniseries will be written by Halo 4 writer and comics veteran Brian Reed, with art by Marco Castiello.

Galaxy Hero Beer Announced For C2E2

Shoots a raygun blast of Galaxy and Zythos hops into your mouth and leaves a crisp, dry finish.

Man of Steel Movie At C2E2? Tony Daniel's Superman Poster Revealed

DC Comics reveals a new Superman original poster for this year's C2E2 which will be featured all over Chicago.

Kenny Porter's C2E2 (2012) Report and Images

If you’re thinking about going to a comic book convention in the Midwest, C2E2 is hands down the best the country has to offer.

New Collectibles For The Dark Knight Rises, Justice League, Watchmen

DC Comics unveiled a new Dr. Manhattan statue, Justice League figures and The Dark Knight Rises variant busts.

Jamie McKelvie New Artist On Defenders

Jamie McKelvie comes onboard as the new artist on Defenders with issue #8.

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