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The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for 5/29/2013

Snyder's return to horror, Robinson's last annual and Barker stirs up controversy in this weeks Top of the Pile. So, just what should you be reading this week? My top 5 picks - that's what!

Exclusive Interview: Brian Wood Discusses His Corner of the Star Wars World, The Massive and more!

M.E. Byron Brewer talks with Brian Wood on Star Wars, creator-owned properties and women in comics.

Star Wars #3 Preview

Princess Leia formed a secret squadron of stealth X-wings to help expose a spy within the Rebel ranks.

Exclusive Interview: Brian Wood Talks X-Men, Ultimate Comics, Rachel Summers and More

Managing Editor Byron Brewer gets the skinny from Brian Wood about the all-new, all-female X-Men book!

Star Wars #1 Goes To Third Print

Dark Horse Comics has announced that the second print of Star Wars #1 by Brian Wood has sold out and will go to a third printing.

Star Wars #2 Preview (Wood)

Here is a preview or the next issue of Star Wars.

Dark Horse Announces Star Wars #1-4 Alex Ross Sketch Variant Covers

Dark Horse announces that Star Wars #1–#4 will feature artist Alex Ross’s original cover sketches.

Star Wars #1 Sells Out & Goes To Second Print

Brian Wood's Star Wars #1 has sold out and will go to second print.

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