Bob Orci

Roberto Orci to Direct Star Trek 3

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are expected to return.

Star Trek 3 Gets Two New Writers: Kurtzman Out

Two newcomers join Orci to breathe some life into the franchise.

Universal Monsters Likely Getting A Shared Movie Universe

Big monster crossover in the works?

Bob Orci In Talks With CBS For Star Trek TV Series

Star Trek looking to get revived.

Ender's Game Trailer Attached To Star Trek Into Darkness

First Ender's Game trailer confirmed.

Star Trek Writer Bob Orci Confirms Joe Hill Locke & Key Movie Adaptation Trilogy

Bob Orci confirms a Locke & Key move trilogy is in the works.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Will Make Your Eyeballs Bleed Says Bob Orci

Bob Orci responds to a fan's complaint about the lack of promotion for Star Trek Into Darkness.

Star Trek Sequel (2013): Bob Orci Talks Script Changes and Movie Timeline

Bob Orci attempts to calm the Trekkie masses as he explains about the recent script changes, and in doing so clues fans in about the movie timeline.

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