Batman Vs. Superman

Batman Vs. Superman Wraps In Chicago; Headed To New Mexico For Wonder Woman

Recap video and pics featuring Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder and more.

James Gunn Responds To DC Fanboy's F-Bombs

Sorry DC fanboys: James Gunn +1; DC Movies 0.

Batman Vs. Superman Set Pics & Video Show Off Origin

Another Bruce Wayne origin story?

Mel Gibson Talks Iron Man 4 & Ben Affleck

Robert Downey Jr. threw his name out there to direct.

New Henry Cavill Superman Images

Superman takes to the skies with Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Batman Vs. Superman Daily Planet Set Images

Metropolis will rise again...

Batman Vs. Superman Extra Spills Major Spoiler

Anonymous extra spills the beans! Spoilers!

Death Galore In Batman Vs. Superman

Death is a big theme throughout the movie.

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