Avengers Academy

Avengers Arena #1 Last Page Spoiler Lands Online Revealing Death Of...

The last page of Avengers Arena has hit the net! Spoilers!

Marvel Comics EIC Axel Alonso Spoils Avengers Academy #23

The Marvel EIC let something slip. Was it in response to this week's Teen Titans?

Fear Itself Avengers Academy #16: Possible Major Character Death!

I'm hearing through the grapevine that there might be a possible MAJOR character death in tomorrow's issue of Avengers Academy #16, a Fear Itself tie-in.

Avengers Academy #11 Tom Raney Pencils

Check out a penciled page to Avengers Academy #11 that writer Christos Gage tweeted from artist Tom Raney's Deviant Art.

Avengers Academy #11 Mike McKone Thor vs. Korvac Cover Linework

Cover artist Mike McKone posted the linework to the cover of Avengers Academy #11 featuring Thor vs. Korvac! In stores March 16th!

The Brewer Report: Avengers Academy Giant-Size #1

Our favorite clownish hitman, Arcade, is returning. Could a devilish plot and Murderworld fun be far behind?

Marvel Announces Avengers Academy Giant Size #1

This May, critically acclaimed writer Paul Tobin and artist David Baldeon are throwing Earth’s Mightiest heroes-in-training headlong into Avengers Academy Giant Size #1.

Review: Avengers Academy #7

Christos Gage and company continue to provide the best Avengers book on the market, proving this once again, with Avengers Academy #7.

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