From Where I Sit: The Comic Book Year of 2012

CBN M.E. Byron Brewer mulls through one of the greatest years in comic book history: 2012!

Watch The Avengers Marvel NOW Trailer (Hickman & Opena)

Marvel released a trailer for Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena's Avengers #1, on sale tomorrow.

Hickman Reveals Full Roster of 18 Avengers (Image)

Jonathan Hickman revealed all 18 of his new Assemblers that will be featured in the Avengers.

Avengers #1 Preview (Hickman & Opena) Marvel Comics

Marvel released a preview for Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena's Avengers #1.

Jonathan Hickman Brings Back The New Universe To Avengers

It looks as if Jonathan Hickman is bringing back the New Universe as a tweet mentioned DP7 in addition to supporting evidence offered by recent solicits.

Free Thanos Comic & The Avengers Movie With T-Mobile

Marvel has teamed up with T-mobile to offer a free digital download of the Avengers: Threat Assessment comic book and The Avengers movie.

Avengers #4 Reveals Hyperion

Marvel revealed a first look at Avengers #4 where we see Hyperion!

The Imperial Guard Are The New Guardians of The Galaxy? Avengers #5 & 6

The solicits for Avengers 5 & 6 reveal the new Captain Universe as well as the Imperial Guard -- and Gladiator!

Marvel Brings Back Nova Prime Richard Rider With New Guardians of the Galaxy Look?

Nova is spotted on the Avengers variant cover with a slightly new design, more in tune with the new Guardians of the Galaxy.

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