Alice Eve

New Star Trek International Trailer & Movie Posters Released; First Look At Peter Weller

Trailer, posters, Peter Weller. Oh, and let's not forget Alice Eve!

Benedict Cumberbatch Jokes Star Wars, Spider-Man Next After Star Trek Into Darkness

Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve talks Star Trek Into Darkness in the following video.

Star Trek Into Darkness: Alice Eve's Identity & Aliens Revealed!

Alice Eve's Star Trek Into Darkness is apparently revealed as well as a familiar bunch of aliens.

Alice Eve Talks Star Trek 2 (2013) - Video

Alice Eve discusses the new Star Trek movie, the make-up and how top secret everything is.

Alice Eve To Play All-New Character In Star Trek Sequel

News on a new character as well as an update on Benicio del Toro's role.

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