(Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Contributing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with Marvel Cosmic and its many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of CosmicBookNews.com. He welcomes both raves and opposing views.)
By Byron Brewer PHYLA This young space hero has one of the most interesting origins in the Marvel Universe and was the hero of the great cosmic opus Annihilation: Conquest. So why does this “daughter” of the Kree and the Eternals of Titan have such a difficult time of it out there in the spaceways? She cannot find who she is – or at least her writers cannot. She has had more monikers than Hank Pym! Her story begins when her “brother,” Genis-Vell, then known as Captain Marvel (must run in the family, lol), previously destroyed and recreated the universe. This “new” version was subtly altered with Phyla-Vell’s existence being one of the changes. It is revealed that she is the second artificially created offspring of the Kree warrior Mar-Vell, having been produced by Elysius, Mar-Vell’s former lover and an Eternal of Titan. Phyla is later seen during Annihilation where she had been visiting her father’s grave with her lover, Moondragon, when the pair were attacked by Thanos, who ripped off Moondragon’s ear and gave it to Phyla. He told her to go to Drax (Moondragon’s father) and to tell him that his actions would determine Moondragon’s fate. Even though the mad Titan has his daughter in tow, Drax swears he will not stop his pursuit of Thanos. Phyla then goes with Nova and Star-Lord to lead a final battle against the invading Annihilus, being saved at the last second by a massive energy wave caused by the just-freed Galactus. Ultimately in the battle, Phyla (who also once laid claim to the name “Captain Marvel”) manages to steal away the quantum-bands that Annihilus took from the thought-deceased Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), weakening Annihilus and allowing Nova to finally bring an end to the Annihilation Wave. She is then seen reunited with Moondragon and deciding it’s up to her (Phyla) to become the new Quasar! Following the Annihilation Wars, Phyla joins Peter Quill’s new Guardians of the Galaxy. While helping Drax search the cosmos for Cammi, an Earth girl whom he had taken into space before the wars, they consult a psychic to get a lead on Cammi’s whereabouts only to be informed that Moondragon (at this point believed to be dead) was trying to contact them. They attempt to consult Mentor, who apparently “kills” them. Mentor sends Phyla and Drax to Oblivion where they encounter Maelstrom and the Dragon of the Moon. After losing the quantum-bands to Maelstrom, Phyla is offered as a sacrifice to the Dragon so that Maelstrom can be in its good graces. While inside the Dragon, Phyla apparently makes some “deal” with Oblivion. The Dragon releases the two females, with Phyla wearing a new red and black costume adorned with skulls and wielding a new sword. They return to the world of the living where Phyla refuses to elaborate on any deal. (It is later learned from Maelstrom that she agreed to become the new Avatar of Death.) Now calling herself Martyr (!), she joins Adam Warlock on one of the Universal Church of Truth’s templeships directly after the quantum wizard has managed to stop the growth of the Fault, a rip in space/time. It is then that Phyla-Vell reveals that her deal with Oblivion was to kill the Avatar of Life in exchange for Moondragon’s return – and at that moment, that avatar is her teammate, Adam Warlock! Although believed later to be killed, Phyla is revealed to still be alive and a prisoner – along with Mantis, Gamora, Cosmo and Major Victory – of Warlock’s evil self, the Magus. She breaks free from Magus’ dungeon and frees the other Guardians, but after a fierce fight she is misled by Maelstrom into freeing Thanos, who was concealed inside a huge healing cocoon. When two teams of Guardians reunite, Phyla-Vell is reported as the first victim of Thanos’ mindless rampage. Phyla’s remains were reported seen by Mantis but never shown in any issue of Guardians of the Galaxy. Thus it is still possible we may see this daughter of Kree and Eternal heritage emerge one day again among the stars. I just wonder what we should call her? « Ogor |