Dead Avengers: Deathcry

DEAD AVENGERS: DEATHCRY A bird in the hand: The disagreeable diva is back (Editor’s note: As part of its Chaos Warevent, Marvel in November will be launching a three-issue mini-series, Dead Avengers. In this article, Managing Editor Byron Brewer looks at one of its reported stars – Deathcry!) By Byron Brewer DEATHCRY Here is one character I never liked … that is, until she joined Peter Quill’s “Dirty Dozen”-esque group that was the forerunner of Guardians of the Galaxy. I was actually sorry to see her go because I liked having a Shi’ar on the team. Now comes word, as the Chaos War approaches, that a three-issue mini-series by Fred Van Lente and Tom Grummet starring Captain Marvel (yes, Mar-Vell!), the Vision, the Swordsman, Yellowjacket II and Doctor Druid will launch in November. Its title: Dead Avengers. The book will also feature the return (more or less) of Deathcry. Deathcry's true name was taken by royal decree for reasons yet unrevealed, but it was heavily hinted that she was the daughter of Deathbird. When the Avengers defeated the Kree, the Empress Lilandra Neramani feared for the team's safety should the Kree attempt revenge. Lilandra then orders Deathcry, by the same decree that took her name, to join the Avengers as their protector. Deathcry served with the Avengers for several months while hiding her youth. She eventually softened and revealed her true age as she formed close friendships with her teammates Vision and Hercules. Later, after the Avengers survive an attack by the villain Immortus, Deathcry decides her services are no longer required. She bade Hercules to return her to the Shi'ar Empire, where she remained. DEAD AVENGERS Eventually finding herself in the Kree Empire, Deathcry is captured and charged with multiple murders. She was kept in a Kree high-security prison and later selected to join Quill’s team to fight the Phalanx. Unfortunately, her Shi'ar nature causes her to be hostile to teammate Captain Universe when the man kills two of her opponents. Believing that taking another person's kill is an insult to that person, she attacks Captain Universe who raises an energy ball in self-defense. Deathcry hits this ball and explodes! Will we see a vengeful Deathcry when Dead Avengers arrives, or will the Chaos King bring his own vengeance to the Shi’ar Avenger? Dead Avengers hits stores in November! RELATED: Dead Avengers: Vision