Cosmic Q-T's: Darkchylde

Cosmic QT's
Featuring Darkchylde
By Timelord

(Editor’s note: This is the the first in a series of columns, courtesy Timelord, showcasing various comic Hotties and their comics. TL's opinions do not necessarily reflect that of CosmicBookNews.com and at times can be ADULT oriented.)


In 1996 writer and artist Randy Queen brought Darkchylde to all of us lucky comics readers.

Darkchylde is the story of Ariel Chylde, a stunningly beautiful 18-year-old who carries a curse – the ability to become the demons she meets in the hellish dimension she visits when she dreams.  Ariel is a gateway for the demons to enter our world.  They possess her body for a short time – then separate from her to live lives of their own in our world.

Between 1996 and 2005, a total of only 32 Darkchylde comics were produced.  Next week, Darkchylde returns after a long hiatus in a special one shot - Darkness/Darkchylde/Witchblade: Kingdom of Pain.

Darkchylde combines the best elements of horror and T&A comics for a totally awesome comics reading experience.  I remember reading the first issue of Darkchylde where Ariel moves to a new town with her abusive father and starts her first day in her new High School.  Ariel and every other female student in her new High School are built like super-models.  The first few pages into the series I reached three conclusions:  A.  Randy Queen is incredibly skilled at rendering the female form; B.  I am an instant fan of this series; C.  I went to the way wrong High School.

At first horrified by her powers and their consequences, Ariel flees her home town and joins a traveling circus.  War and Piece, two of the friendlier demons she frees from her nightmare hell, join her to act as her guides and protectors.  However, Ariel is pursued by other malevolent demons she has freed as they are envious of her powers and wish to use her to free more demons to literally make Hell on Earth.              

Ariel reluctantly fights back against the demons pursuing her – and appears to have won in the final comic of her original series, Darkchylde Redemption #3.  But, the last page of the comic left her fate in doubt. 

Ariel guest starred in Witchblade and Painkiller Jane.  Then, other than a manga version of the series aimed at a younger crowd, the adventures of Ariel came to an abrupt end.

There was a persistent rumor about a Darkchylde film in the works and some test footage was reportedly shot. However, the film apparently never reached fruition.  Too bad.  I would’ve paid good money to see a film like this.

Here’s hoping this guest starring stint in Darkness/Darkchylde/Witchblade: Kingdom of Pain heralds a new start for this incredible series. 

Timelord’s CILF Scale Rating for Darkchylde:  10.

Darkness/Darkchylde/Witchblade: Kingdom of Pain hits stores next Wednesday May 26th!

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