Cosmic QT's: Lady Death

Cosmic Q-T’s: Lady Death Warning:  Contains Adult Subject Matter   LADY DEATH Brian Pulido’s Lady Death is often credited as the origin character of so-called bad girl art and comics characters.  Personally, I think it more correct to credit Vampirella and Red Sonja as much earlier (i.e., 1970s) occurring examples of bad girl art and comics characters, and argue that Lady Death is the origin of contemporary (i.e., 1980s to present) bad girl art and comics characters.  For those unfamiliar with the terminology, bad girl comics characters are mostly written as anti-heroines, and are often especially powerful, domineering, cruel and/or violent.  Bad girl art refers to a style where the female characters are hyper-sexualized, often sporting scant costumes which emphasize their exaggerated feminine physical attributes.  If you’ve gotten a chance to study the art connected to this article, you will probably agree with me that Lady Death is the archetype of contemporary bad girl art; now let me explain why she is the contemporary archetypal bad girl comics character. Lady Death has had multiple incarnations as the character has moved from publisher to publisher.  Originally appearing as an evil, sexy and violent supporting character in the Evil Earnie comic; Chaos! Comics quickly gave her a series of her own as she proved so popular with the fans.  She was written as a violent anti-hero throughout her run at Chaos!, eventually deposing Lucifer to herself become ruler of Hell.  When Chaos! bankrupted, Lady Death was bought by CrossGen and Pulido softened the character a bit to make her more mass-market friendly; resulting in a short-lived series called Medieval Lady Death.  When CrossGen bankrupted, Avatar bought Lady Death and began publishing stories similar to her original Chaos! characterization. Lady Death’s origin story is similar (but not identical) across all incarnations.  Basically, Hope, the woman who will become Lady Death, is the daughter of a medieval nobleman who has recently returned from The Crusades.  Unbeknownst to Hope, her father has returned from the Crusades possessed by a demon.  The peasants he rules discover his demon possession and revolt.  He escapes, leaving Hope behind to face the wrath of the peasants.  They burn her at the stake.   Before she dies, she utters an incantation she overheard her father use; and some demons rescue and heal her in exchange for her pledge of service.  As she is brought into their realm, her body is transformed into that of the luscious albino vixen featured in the art accompanying this article.  LADY DEATH In both major incarnations, Lady Death is written as an anti-heroine who becomes involved in a war raging in Hell (or a Hell equivalent), learning to use sorcery and bladed weaponry along the way.  Graphically violent, bloody and “in-your-face” sexy in a S and M kinda way, Lady Death makes for a consistently fun read if you like bad girl art and characterization. Lady Death has been absent from publication for more than three years now.  Avatar Press recently announced creation of a new publishing company, Boundless, whose headliner title will be a re-imagined Lady Death.  A free comic book featuring Lady Death will be published in October of 2010 and the new Lady Death ongoing series will begin in December.   Article by:  Timelord The opinions expressed in the article are purely the opinions of the author of this article and should not be construed as representing the official opinions of Cosmicbooknews. « Cosmic QTs: Starfall