Cosmic Quick Takes For 5/19/10

Cosmic Quick Takes For 5/19/10 BY TIMELORD Warning:  Contains Adult Language and Commentary   Marvel Comics   [[wysiwyg_imageupload:147:]]Galacta:  Daughter of Galactus   One-Shot Only writer Adam Warren could have pulled this one off.  I’m a big fan of his Empowered series; and he brings the same style and energy to this first story about Galactus’ daughter and her life and times on Earth.  Galacta lives on Earth in disguise and is at the same level of emotional and personality development as a typical late teen to early 20’s human female.  She has taken it upon herself to act as a superhero – surreptitiously saving Earth from all manner of alien threats.  She has “food issues” like lots of young women – only her food issues are that she sees all of Earth’s biomass as a potential meal.  It’s funny as she calculates the kilocalories of everyone she meets – including every member of the Fantastic Four – even as she restrains herself from consuming them.  She has “daddy issues” as she struggles to individuate from her father and become a goddess in her own right living a life quite different than that of her father.  Her struggles are often summarized in the form of stream of consciousness tweets in the pop culture style and language that might be used by an early 20-ish female – only cleverly twisted to include references to concepts in physics and chemistry.  I was quite impressed by Warren’s thoughts about how a Galactus level being might really work.  Quite a bit of thought was put into the physics of Galactus.  Warren may have broken new ground as I don’t ever before remember anyone ever actually explaining the physics of Galactus.  Warren rendered the cover art – and I got a kick out of his rendition of Galacta and Thor – as it’s almost certainly Empowered under the Galacta helmet and Thugboy dressed as Thor.  Sevilla provided the interior art and his style is a dead ringer for Warren’s manga influenced style of art.  This comic was originally #1 of 4 produced for Marvel’s digital line.  I hope it sells well enough to inspire Marvel to print the other 3 in the series.  I thoroughly enjoyed this first story of a clever mini-series that takes an allegorical look at the issues commonly faced by young women.  I thoroughly enjoyed the clever presentation of high concept physics and chemistry in the form of the insipid  structure of tweets – and the overall sassy tongue-in-cheek attitude of this comic.  This comic is definitely not going to be for everybody – but it did it for me.  Did I mention – Galacta is pretty easy on the eyes.  Rating: Atlas  #1 [[wysiwyg_imageupload:148:]]OMFG.  Agents of Atlas this isn’t.  I weep for how far this comic has fallen with this re-boot.  I was afraid that the lame 3-D Man addition to the team would be a move in the wrong direction and unfortunately my fears were founded.  The story was muddled and not particularly interesting.  The art was uninspired.  3-D Man is farking lame as usual.  The characterization of the AoA was off and they barely appeared in their own comic.  This was not a good first issue.  It focused way too much on the un-interesting 3-D Man and way too little on the AoA. I sure hope some of the magic of AoA is re-captured with issue #2 or this comic is going to have sales numbers right down there with Vengeance of Moon Knight and likely a very short run.  I’m afraid 3-D Man is going to suck all the life out of this comic.  Rating: Deathlok the Demolisher  #7 of 7 [[wysiwyg_imageupload:149:]]This comic redeemed itself with this issue.  Seven issues was way too long to tell this story – but in the end the story was more interesting and less self-important than last issue.  Still – this series was not as good as most of the past series featuring Deathlok.  I’m kinda glad it’s over and I definitely would not buy an ongoing from this same creative team.  Another re-boot is called for should someone want to produce an ongoing series.  Rating: The Avengers  #1 [[wysiwyg_imageupload:150:]]Is it just me or are there too many Avengers titles?  I mean – is being an Avenger special any more when just about everyone can be one?  We’ve got all kind of Avengers teams – even Pet Avengers for farks sake.  And do Wolverine and Spiderman really belong on an Avengers team?  I don’t think so.  I guess Deadpool would be on an Avengers team if anyone could figure out a way to plausibly shoehorn him into one of the teams.  But enough of my grousing about the Avengers brand.  Apparently comics buyers can’t get enough of the brand; so I can’t blame Marvel for selling what buyers want.  Well – this first issue is pretty good.  I liked the appearance of Kang right after the new team is incorporated.  Romita’s art was really good.  I’ll probably stick with this title through the Kang run at least.  Rating: Age of Heroes  #1 of 4 [[wysiwyg_imageupload:151:]]I wish I had flipped through this one at the store before I impulse bought it.  It’s just a series of not all that interesting vignettes prequel-ing some of the storylines and advertising some of the characters Marvel wants to push this year.  Didn’t enjoy it all that much.  You could easily miss this one and it wouldn’t diminish your enjoyment of the books and stories to follow.  Rating: Enter The Heroic Age  One-Shot [[wysiwyg_imageupload:152:]]Again – wish I had flipped through this one at the store before I impulse bought it as it would have better been left on the shelf.  Again – a series of not all that interesting vignettes prequel-ing some storylines and advertising some of the characters and books Marvel wants to push this year.  Again – you could totally miss this book and it wouldn’t diminish your enjoyment of any of the new series.  Rating:   CQT’s Break-Out Books of the Week Galacta is the clear winner this week – far surpassing the competitors.  The Avengers gets an honorable mention.  Biggest disappointment was by far Atlas.  I hope Atlas is just a late bloomer and improves with Issue #2. 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