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Free with pre-order.
Mobile game written by Marvel's Peter David!
Catch an early sneak peek at this weekend's MCM London Comic-Con.
How will you play split-screen Co-op, A or B?
Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong return in addition to new actors.
Lava planet Sullest and Battlefront art.
Excited to continue deliver more content through 6 months following the game's release.
Delivers new content including new story missions and additional super-villains invading Gotham City.
Konami says they are still developing the game - apparently without Reedys and del Toro.
Sung by five dudes using no musical instruments and only their voices...
New games will feel exquisite and be eye-popping and sexy.
Get details on the new Star Wars video game, plus new images.
Players travel to the New Gods world of New Genesis, and the Celestial City, its capital, where Apokoliptian forces are wreaking havoc.
Looking foward to an "insane, terrifying and weirdly adorable movie."
Twitch users may want to check their e-mail to see if they have been effected.
Free with WB Play account.
Electronic Arts will debut the game next month.
You think your boss is bad? Batman may have a few things to say about that!
Erron Black, Baraka and more.
EA confirmed for Star Wars Celebration.
Heart-pounding competitive player vs. player battle experience set in DC Comics’ legendary Multiverse.
Returns with new features, new music and all-new music game controller hardware.
Collector's Edition announced.
Top Entertainment Franchises With Free-to-Play and Premium Games.
Found of Rocksteady comments.
Game Of Thrones for a family audience.
Black Ops II outsold Halo and The Avengers.
This summer, play as the King of Monsters in an epic battle against your favorite enemy kaiju.
Coming Fall 2015.
Take a look at finishing moves and more.
Coming this Fall based on the movies.
Azrael, Killer Croc and lots more.
The action intensifies with the arrival of Ares and Hades.
More pics of the Arkham Knight.
Not much, but at least it's something...
New details revealed by Ed Boon.
Bring in Anonymous.
Coal in your stockings courtesy of the Lizard Squad.
Superhero game for a new generation.
What about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?