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EIC Matt McGloin wasn't that pleased with what he saw from DC TV's Invasion.
Byron says this was a funny, sometimes poignant toon.
The Hulks beat up Vista Verde! Not what it seems.
One of the most enjoyable Inhumans-oriented Marvel toons of all time.
Great toon on Hawkeye's past, with some sharp Falcon characterization.
This toon is as excellent as any comic now carrying the franchise name.
A neat little ditty about not judging a book by its cover.
This episode is rife with in-jokes and many things from Doc Strange's world.
This is one of those great toons that is driven by character.
One of the greatest Odin/Thor sagas of all time.
Look out, Falcon. Cap has a new podna: Victor Von Doom?
Action, humor, an excellent toon. And it all starts with a pickle.
Hysterical and full of action, this is one of the best in the series.
Disappointing episode that resembled your mom's daily soap opera.
One of the best Marvel animated stories made. Ever!
One of the best Marvel animated stories made. Ever!
This S.M.A.S.H. team could be a wonderful comic book itself.
Big G wants his greens. The answer? She-Hulk! Fun toon.
CBN's UK correspondent Darren Blackburn reviews Matt Smith's finale!
They may be square pegs, but this animated short fit Byron's Sunday fine.
Holy House of M! Doc Doom conquers the world?
An entertaining toon, with good animation, in-jokes and action.
Darren Blackburn reviews the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!
Great action, characterization packed into this episode.
Great humor, but not much story.
Another good episode! So far S.H.I.E.L.D. is batting .500! Not bad!
Fans of X-Men and The Matrix should enjoy this series.
Check out a recap and review for the first episode of Season 4.
Best episode to date! There is hope for this series, yet!
Another unimpressive attempt to capitalize on The Avengers movie.
EIC Matt McGloin offers it's an unimpressive debut for Marvel Studios and more.
Byron reviews the latest episode of the new Stephen King hit TV series.
M.E. Byron Brewer reviews the latest episode.
Byron reviews the latest episode of the hit CBS Stephen King series.
Another great episode with human drama and pathos all deriving from the dropping of the dome.
Cool dome effects, sharp character moments and even some dark humor make this a great episode.
Aside from the pilot, this is your best episode thus far, hands-down.
The engine behind this sci-fi drama loses a little of its steam, but western fans may like it.
An enjoyable episode with some nostalgia for VERY longtime Avengers fans.
CBS's sci-fi summer series continues to sizzle with imagination and great character development.