"Path of the Jedi."
More may come. Keep watch for visions of the future.
"Firestorm on the Arrow set. But why?"
Captain rallying the troops.
"Now Is The End" and "Bridge and Tunnel."
Leader of the Creature Commandos.
Behind-the-scenes of The Flash.
First two episodes of Season Two to debut.
QnA from her bathtub.
"Thank you so much for the enthusiasm spilling out of tonight's fall finale.."
Stop a bullet cold...
Billion dollar sci-fi theme park coming to the UK.
Two-hour episode airs January 6th.
Confirmed by WB.
Lots of questions answered tonight.
May not have recorded.
Not as much as Captain America 2.
WB pulls a fast one...
Rachel Nichols releases statement.
Geoff Johns talks Nightwing and Titans on Twitter.
Eighth DC TV series.
Who would win?
Shocking death causes fans to get behind their favorite character.
Centers on an ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library.
Angelica Celaya offers an update.
Relive the excitement.
Follows Lightsaber Saturday...
Flash Band Yuletide cheer.
Makes a difference when you can move as fast as the Flash.
Kurt Sutter asks not to post spoilers.
Said to be featured in first in Jessica Jones.
Cliff Curtis playing a father.
Ra's and Nyssa Al Ghul.
Images leak online.
Part 2 airs tonight.
Mid-season finale.
Supernatural crashes the episode.
Check out the 30-second clip!