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The truth is - here?
Averaging 10.6 million viewers per episode.
NBC execs making excuses.
Marvel now in the queue.
Will cause mass destruction in the nation’s capital.
Peggy may be in more trouble than usual...
Open for business April 10.
"Revenge of the Rogues."
Supergirl is yet to be cast.
Appearing in the fourth episode.
Lando Calrissian appears on the next episode.
Benedict Cumberbatch photo bomb.
Sounds like we may have a crisis on our hands.
TNT films Titans this year.
CW president Mark Pedowitz reveals some info at the TCA press tour.
Premiers this Fall. Check out promo art and more.
And Victor Garber as Dr. Martin Stein.
Eigth series renewed.
Stephen Amell confirms the news on Facebook.
Trailer debuts in IMAX.
List of winners and video footage.
Appearing in episodes 15 and 16.
New World is going to need Rick Grimes.
Shows off her ventriloquist skills.
Man Without Fear takes on Piotr.
Two hour event kicks off tonight.
Renner back in his suit on a Tuesday morning...
Airing with Season 4 "movie."
Set inside the dangerous world of high-tech hackers.
Captain Cold returns to Central City with a new hotheaded partner in tow...
In the aftermath of Oliver’s fight with Ra’s al Ghul...
No magic hammers or Iron Man.
From Superman: The Animated Series.
Cage is Crews' favorite character.
Contrary to earlier rumors, Coleman confirms a return.
First aired back in 2012.
The Rock in a onesie..
James Gunn says not at all.
Known for Sons Of Anarchy, Gone Girl, Treme and Deadwood.
Steven DeKnight posts on Twitter.