Kurt Sutter asks not to post spoilers.
Said to be featured in first in Jessica Jones.
Cliff Curtis playing a father.
Ra's and Nyssa Al Ghul.
Images leak online.
Part 2 airs tonight.
Mid-season finale.
Supernatural crashes the episode.
Check out the 30-second clip!
In what capacity?
Debuts in January.
A lot going on for the Captain.
Popular British SF series compared to Twilight Zone.
Plot details, too.
Being developed for CBS.
Spoiled for 90 million people.
Original movie Christmas Icetastrophe...
Greg Berlanti offers hope.
Firestorm also gets a mention.
Could be a sign it's getting the axe.
Blame Friday nights.
When will Sara's killer be revealed as well?
It's gonna be a bleeping doozyy.
Video and images. No spoilers.
Playing a pivotal character.
Warren Ellis' Wildstorm comic.
Good news for a potential Spectre spinoff.
Jim Corrigan is introduced, played by Emmett J Scanlan.
Ra's Al Ghul gives Oliver an ultimatium...
Guest stars Amanda Pays from the 90s series.
With mention of the Dwarf Star.
22 episodes available to be streamed.
Kicks of Tuesday, December 2nd.
Six names surface.
Hero vs. Hero! Let's get it on!
Cross over coming in December.
First Justice League of America villain...
Flash Vs Arrow and The Brave and the Bold.
S.H.I.E.L.D. in need of assisstance.
Sky has a certain hacker friend.