Plays Mockingbird.
Star-Lord hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Ariana Grande on September 27, 2014.
Busy day filming...
CW President comments on potential for a crossover.
Good numbers considering all the heavy competition.
Giant lava breathing tarantulas...
Works at Star Labs.
Saving a city takes a toll...
Cousin to Superman, Kara Zor-El, headed our way.
Voiced by Tara Strong, played by Cassidy Alexa.
Michael Chiklis is the Strong Man.
No Sanctuary for Rick and his group...
Stories will break apart and intersect. The characters will find love and hate. Peace and conflict.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds...
Returns Wednesday, October 8th at 8pm ET.
Stephen Amell, Brandon Routh and more.
Grant Gustin and more.
Playing Howard Stark's Butler, Jarvis.
Lucy Lawless, Hayley Atwell, Adrian Pasdar and more.
Featured in the 90s series along with John Wesley Shipp.
Mysterious martial artist and mentor of Matt Murdock.
Highest rated series for SyFy since Doctor Who.
Premiers Tuesday, October 7th at 8pm ET.
Daryl, Rick and new character images.
The BA woman of Arrow from Season 2.
Selling t-shirts to support cancer charity.
It's a man eat man world.
Reveals what happened prior to Pepper being in th Asylum.
Find out details about the fan-favorite character and cameo.
Center around Dick Grayson who emerges from the shadow of Batman.
Grant Gustin dishes on his new role as the fastest man alive.
Comments on appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe.
Returning characters as well as new faces.
Showrunner Stephen DeKnight shared good news on Twitter.
Hayley Atwel, Kenneth Choi and Neal McDonough reprising their roles from Captain America: The First Avenger.
Hunted and running out of solutions, Coulson puts his team right in the line of fire...
The Flash and Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti confirms, but can't say much.
The shows producers talk Easter Eggs and also the main villain and nemesis.
All-new episode this Saturday.
Good news is the costume is being evolved over time.