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Coming soon to Disney XD.
Is it really The Joker?
Batman Unlimited, Jupiter Ascending, Jakks Pacific and more.
Showrunner Marc Guggenheim rains on everybody's parade.
Set in the near future featuring massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed.
Grodd Is Coming.
Kicking arse and taking brains.
Starts at 9am ET.
My Dad, he used to come to this church...
Cast opposite Bruce Campbell.
Huge fight will take place.
Good news.
Playing a villain.
Worst episode ever? And Twitter reactions.
Daniel Cerone offers hope on Twitter.
Constantine, Gotham, The Lazarus Pit and more.
Game Of Thrones for a family audience.
Tread carefully, Stinger.
Original Trickster.
Playing the charasmatic Lincoln.
Set pics.
Diggle reveals a first look.
Firestorm and Dr. Stein.
The Ogre.
10,000 Whovians can't be wrong.
Classic Flash foe.
This is America. Why wait?
Supergirl, Harley Quinn and more.
Routh all geared up.
Differences between books and show and more.
Could be set in the same univers as Arrow and The Flash.
Known for The Matrix movies.
Amell and Renner get schooled on the proper use of a bow and arrow.
Premiers April 12th.
Constantine's version of the black diamond...
Patricia “Trish” Walker.
Copycat Trickster.
"An attractive photographer at CatCo."