This book a great companion to the main title and a success in and of itself.
All readers should pick this up. The most cosmic book of the New 52.
DC needs to go back to superhero school and learn what it's all about.
I could not be more pleased with this relaunch.
Hickman at the helm means quality at the time of reading.
Fun book, great read, sucky art.
Great book, with involving story, beautiful art and cosmic scope. And it’s fun!
Lawrence reviews the latest reboot and was pleasantly surprised and impressed by what he saw.
In the aftermath of Neegan's attack, everything changes! Be sure to be at the beginning of a new era of The Walking Dead!
A book that will make you re-think everything you ever felt about Loki!
A tight and terse closing of this volume of Vampirella. Not a favorite.
This flipbook is successful as a commercial and a storytelling mechanism
Best issue yet of a young, promising series!
Disappointing episode that resembled your mom's daily soap opera.
A deeply soulful study of a Native American youth, divorced from his tribe.
Luthor's rebellion against the Crime Syndicate comes to a boil as Sinestro rises to power! Geoff Johns is writing a book to be reckoned with!
One of the best Marvel animated stories made. Ever!
One of the best Marvel animated stories made. Ever!
This issue drove right off a cliff and landed squarely in a pile of boredom.
This book is the All-New, All-Different X-Men of our time!
One of the most enjoyable books of the whole New 52!
A beautiful work of art, a wondrous one-and-done story.
This S.M.A.S.H. team could be a wonderful comic book itself.
Ewing and Land have a winner -- and wait until you see the lawyer arrive!