Sinestro may turn out to be the surprise book of the year.
Again, a cool issue with a great cosmic slant.
Is this the end or just the beginning of a "new" New 52? Geoff Johns has created an amazing tale that will have fans clamoring for more!
Jason Aaron gives fans plenty to ponder in his Marvel Universe "mystery play!" This is action and intrigue at it's finest!
Lawrence isn't too impressed with the latest giant monster movie to hit theaters. Read on!
Byron says add this one to your pull list.
A new logo, new characters and more will have fans ravenous for what is next in the world of The Walking Dead!
Great toon on Hawkeye's past, with some sharp Falcon characterization.
Jason Aaron gives us a good read that would have been exponentially better if we hadn't already known what to expect! Sometimes less is more Marvel!
Does AMZ2 suffer from using too many characters? Check out Lawrence's review to find out.
All in all, the “Avengers Machine” is rolling along well this month, and I cannot wait to see where it is headed.
Slott and Ramos unleash a tale blended in hilarity and intrigue that will whet your appetite for ALL things Spidey this weekend!
Would’ve preferred a more fleshed-out story focusing on The Watchers without the addition of NINO.
Bendis portion of this faux-100th-issue-Anniversary of GotGINO is a disjointed mess.
From a new comic book standpoint, Justice League United is a cosmic success.
A completely satisfying conclusion that will make you yearn for what's to come next!
A personal tale of family, sacrifice and world-building. A good one.
Furthest from a must-see this summer and is easily the biggest, personal, disappointment of the year.
Issue is bad "cover to cover."
Once again, the best of the Green Lantern books thus far this month.
Once again, Thor is the best Marvel entry this week on the stands.
This is going to be a curious ride.
It really is a book all about emotion and mood.
This toon is as excellent as any comic now carrying the franchise name.