A mysterious message stone, a monster from the mountains, and a riot for food: what is not in this scintillating issue?
Welcome back, G.L.A.S.! At least there is somewhere we can cheer our boy, Hal, if not in his own comic book.
Marvel NOW! has set the comic's world ablaze at the end of 2012, but can Hickman's foray into the Avengers stable continue that trend? Sadly, -- no!
Will the beating of your heart echo the beating of the feat marching their way to the box office; a place you may long to be.
CBN UK correspondent Darren Blackburn reviews the Doctor Who Christmas Special, "A very good start to the new era," and more.
This week's Alternative Comics Beat is an original graphic novel that's been called the lost "Twilight Zone" episode.
Issue #35 wraps up this chapter of X-Force ending a run we should never forget -- just Remender.
Valiant's flagship title explodes off the racks this week as X-O and Ninjak take the fight to the Vine! A testosterone fueled cornucopia of mass destruction!
A continually stunning book that will leave you breathless! Don't miss the steamy debut of the next member of the Renegades -- Flamingo! She's totally "hot!"
A little bit of everything for the Green Lantern reader in #15 -- except maybe the book's supposed star, Hal Jordan.
This Avengers book has hit its zenith, folks, and it is only going up from here! What a great reading experience!
The verdict is clear when it comes to this book: Thor, God of Thunder, is one of the true jewels of Marvel NOW!
Intriguing and full of emotional duress, this is the book ALL fans should be reading! Don't let the concept fool you, you will be underestimating how great this book truly is!
Check out a recap of another horrifying and crazy episode of American Horror Story: Aylum!
This is the pinnacle of "superhero" comics! Snyder and Capullo have raised the bar even higher this issue, creating an unattainable goal for other writers!
With Carl trapped inside Neegan's camp, should the title be changed to "Dead Boy Walking?" This is an extremely tense issue that will leave you panicked after every page!
Bloodshot #6 is overflowing with the same excessive amounts of mass destruction you have come accustomed to. But, it is the final page that will blow you away!
Shadowman #2 is another shining star in already brilliant Valiant Universe! Jordan and Zircher have created a truly en"gross"ing tale that will enthrall you!
If you want to read one of PAD's best comics about the mutant superwoman called M ... well, this isn't it.
Uh, oh! Spike TV went and did something naughty. Or was it nice? You can decide, but here's a warning for Robert Kirkman.
Season 1 of TellTale Games' TWD is complete. Is it worth your time and money?
This is the snap-action, cosmic consequences and dire straights readers were looking for back in September 2011!
Tonight saw a fabulous performance by Ian McShane as FX aired another terror filled episode of American Horror Story: Asylum.
I cannot say enough for BOOM’s efforts on this mag, and I appreciate all involved for keeping this book up to superb standards!