The second week of the "All Halloween Top of the Pile" continues this week with a demented graphic novel and a bevy of female lead characters that will keep you safe from all evil!
The walls are blown apart and the Valiant Universe will never be the same again! Pull up a chair and see the end of it all!
Everyone should have had ample time to watch the season premiere, so, without further ado -- Spoilers Ahoy!
Lawrence Napoli reviews Sinister, "One of the best horror films I've seen in a while; but maybe a little too disturbing."
Shocks and surprises continue in X-Factor as "Breaking Points" concludes. If you are NOT reading this great book, why?
As he departs Avengers Assemble, Brian Michael Bendis takes us on a fun romp from here to the Cancerverse
Artist Tony Daniel will wow you from the first page onward as he and Geoff Johns set this book on fire!
John Constantine's latest murder investigation brings him to the home of his long-lost nephew in this incredibly fun issue.
Ponit One has arrived with a hefty six dollar price tag! Is it really worth it to get a glimpse of Marvel's future?
Slowly but surely, the Third Army is creeping into the DCU. But what will Kyle Rayner be like when they meet?
Rick's no longer in charge and Negan comes a callin'! Will "Lucille" get to have a another crack at our heroes? I hope not!
For the comic fan, for the sci-fi aficionado, for the superhero enthusiast, this BOOM! Studios offering has it all!
The alleged clone of Jesus Christ takes to the stage and the entire world changes in this thrilling issue.
Just in time for Season 3 of The Walking Dead, Image sends out a special edition book all about our favorite loner -- Michonne! Get it before the Governor does!
GLC#13 is a decent issue that furthers the story as the Third Army encounters the Lanterns in space
Smart and intriguing with just a hint of Remender's patented craziness -- this one's a solid read that will leave fans wanting more!
Completely devoid of banality, this is the pinnacle of great story making and no one should go without sampling it! This book is pure gold -- tarnished in blood and soot!
Fred Van Lente creates a seemingly never ending cavalcade of hilarity, excitement and action, in a book that deserves to be on everyone's pull list!
Marvel's summer event has concluded and all it takes to wrap it all up is three little words! Fan or not, this is what the "architects" have given us. I wish it was as good as the cover!
Darren Blackburn reviews the last Doctor Who episode before the Christmas Special and gives Amy and Rory a gracious good-bye.
Everyone's favorite "guy" enters the GL: Animated Series as Guy Gardner steps up to the plate vs. the Manhunters!
So you think you have what it takes to be a space ace? Don't get cocky kid!
This film sets us all up for the joy-gasm that will be Resident Evil 6, but is this movie worth your money?
To finally see Frank Miller's creation come to life is truly impressive, but it's the extras that make this a no-brainer!