I hope lovers of crime and adventure comics will pick Uncanny up and read it. It is a keeper.
Uncanny Avengers is still the best book on the shelves for either X-Men or Avengers franchise.
Cool dome effects, sharp character moments and even some dark humor make this a great episode.
All in all, a great second chapter in DC's biggest crossover in the New 52.
It’s just trying too hard to be a cosmic version of Dexter.
So save your money on this one guys. It’s really not worth adding to anybody’s collection.
Hickman and Spencer continue their long-term work of cosmic delight, leading somehow into Infinity.
If you're looking for one book this month, cosmic fans, Green Lantern: New Guardians #22 is it!
Aside from the pilot, this is your best episode thus far, hands-down.
Lawrence offers his take on the giant robots vs. giant monsters sci-fi action-extravaganza.
Engaging, mysterious, just plain fun: Black Bat is probably THE greatest book you are NOT reading. WHY?
The first shot is fired in the Trinity War and Johns and Reis do a brilliant job with a complex prologue.
So far, I am loving this new direction in the Green Lantern books.
The engine behind this sci-fi drama loses a little of its steam, but western fans may like it.
An enjoyable episode with some nostalgia for VERY longtime Avengers fans.
Another great installment of Avengers space opera and a must-read for our cosmic crews.
Venditti and Tan continue to fill the 'big shoes' very well, with drama, cosmic action, humor and surprises.
CBS's sci-fi summer series continues to sizzle with imagination and great character development.
Joyless silliness aimed at Avengers fans in a cynical attempt to increase sales.
Silly, implausible, child-oriented, manipulatively sentimental, cliché filled, and intelligence insulting.
DC's icons come together for the first time in this fantastic and visually stunning relaunch of Batman/Superman!
"World War Z is a summer, blockbuster, popcorn film through and through," says CBN's Lawrence Napoli and more.
A taught, tense story of mystery man Waver and the uncanny power that gets him girls -- and trouble!
A wild ride around the Jean Grey School courtesy of a new viral villainess. Non-stop action!