An enjoyable episode with some nostalgia for VERY longtime Avengers fans.
Another great installment of Avengers space opera and a must-read for our cosmic crews.
Venditti and Tan continue to fill the 'big shoes' very well, with drama, cosmic action, humor and surprises.
CBS's sci-fi summer series continues to sizzle with imagination and great character development.
Joyless silliness aimed at Avengers fans in a cynical attempt to increase sales.
Silly, implausible, child-oriented, manipulatively sentimental, cliché filled, and intelligence insulting.
DC's icons come together for the first time in this fantastic and visually stunning relaunch of Batman/Superman!
"World War Z is a summer, blockbuster, popcorn film through and through," says CBN's Lawrence Napoli and more.
A taught, tense story of mystery man Waver and the uncanny power that gets him girls -- and trouble!
A wild ride around the Jean Grey School courtesy of a new viral villainess. Non-stop action!
Under the Dome a surprisingly complex basket of goodies for some summer sci-fi fun!
Timelord asks, "Do Bendis and Loeb actually put any thought into this hack writing?"
The perfect comics summer begins with the perfect comic! 10 out of 10!
Hickman continues his beautifully slow build-up to cosmic wonder, with a tad of Infinity added. Must-read!
Beautiful from cover to cover. A definite need-read for the cosmically inclined!
Venditti and Jensen start strong picking up pieces from GL #21, showing the strength of John Stewart.
Man of Steel makes us believe we can all fly again, but how long will this bird soar without run-ins from Justice League-ers to keep it fresh?
The "Avengers" of dorky comics and randomly selected celebritires assemble to confront the apocalypse head on, but do they make us laugh in the face of death or simply bleed out our eyes?
Fast paced and steeped in suspense, this one has an ending that no one will ever forget! You have to have guts to make it in the world of The Walking Dead!
Scott Snyder takes the classic Batman origin, and with a single issue, stretches it from iconic to epic! This is the best read of the week!
Snyder and Lee make an explosive and stunning debut that will have readers feeling rejuvenated and ecstatic for more! Happy 75th, Superman!
Will Falling Skies have a Season 4? Not if things keep up the way the premiere went.
Can Starlin save Stormwatch? Maybe we should look through the timelines to see where it succeeds, but it isn't in this one.
Hulk wields the Infinity Gems, but does the issue live up to the hulked up hype?