Matt Kindt delivers a spectacular look at the forbidden history of Hal Jordan's biggest foe -- Sinestro! A fantastic read!
A shinning star in the mediocre "Villain's Month" from DC. Geoff Johns gives us a tale worthy of the hype and gets fans excited for what comes next!
"Epic in scope as suits the mythological story deserving of the gods," offers Russell Johnson.
Lawrence takes an in-depth look at what could be the Game of the Year. Please, game responsibly.
Russell Johnson says this is the turning point for the "Battle of the Atom" storyline!
Russell Johnson offers it's "a good Bane story without having to rehash origins."
Russell Johnson offers it's "one of the better villains books of the week."
One of the better Villains Month issues that ties into the main series offers Russell Johnson.
New to CBN, Russell Johnson offers this is "definitely the standout issue in the final week of Villains month."
EIC Matt McGloin offers it's an unimpressive debut for Marvel Studios and more.
Lawrence Napoli says it's the first Oscar worthy film of the Fall.
Great build up, but falls flat.
Wait for the next issue if you really want the Infinity tie-in.
Great companion book to the Infinity event.
Another great issue from Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver and Justin Ponsor.
Wanted to hate the issue, but loved it.
The issue reads as if it is a freebie or a wiki page.
Byron reviews the latest Infinity tie-in.
Byron reviews the latest Infinity tie-in.
Byron review Battle of the Atom Part 3.
Starlin and Porter come through. Spectacular issue.
STID now On Demand: EIC Matt McGloin says it's the Loeb and Bendis version of Wrath of Khan.
Lawrence reviews Vin Diesel's latest describing it as a "remixing of history" and more.
An epic disaster taking total advantage of the comic book consumer.