Another great Infinity issue and is recommended!
Another good episode! So far S.H.I.E.L.D. is batting .500! Not bad!
Fans of X-Men and The Matrix should enjoy this series.
Check out a recap and review for the first episode of Season 4.
Lights Out is a very solid event. Cannot wait to see where it's headed.
John Carter closes in on the mystery of the greens, but finds murder instead.
Great issue! This is a creative team you want to keep your eye on.
Another Infinity tie-in not worth the paper its printed on.
Infinity #4 is a great cosmic Avengers issue!
Brian and Ronan have a gem here!
It's TWD's Ten Year Anniversary so this issue will be amazing, right? Check inside for more!
Best episode to date! There is hope for this series, yet!
By no means a must buy, but a fun issue nonetheless.
Russell Johnson offers The Battle of the Atom has been a solid read.
Russell Johnson says "Johns is great when he walks on the dark side, and Forever Evil #2 is proof positive!"
Good story and great art. You should definitely be picking up this title.
Russell Johnson offers: "Some of the best action and surprises of any comic I’ve read this week."
Another unimpressive attempt to capitalize on The Avengers movie.
A mediocre issue of a great comic.
Marvel Cosmic at its best NOW.
The powers at Marvel are stupidly determined to continue the Lo(e)botomization of the Nova concepts.
These characters deserve such better treatment than they’re now receiving.
Mark Millar shows the plight of an angry brother and a belittled son to overthrow the world's greatest hero. Absolute devastation awaits you in this brilliant look at the world of supers!
Matt Kindt delivers a spectacular look at the forbidden history of Hal Jordan's biggest foe -- Sinestro! A fantastic read!