Writer Robert Place Napton puts Dejah through some time travel paces. Fun!
Its simplicity is in its beauty. A comic well worth the five bucks.
Hickman makes our cosmic Avengers saga a very human adventure as well.
It's the end of Relic, and the beginning of a new status quo for the Lanterns.
A toon rife with nostalgia, a civil hulk, and a mayor who reminds us of someone.
Ash is back in the Dark Ages. Well-written horror in a humorous vein.
A hero, a villain and a supporting character: they are all one man. Intriguing.
A young innocent challenges a world he never made. Enthralling!
Welcome to Vermintown! This isn’t your grandmother’s fairyland.
Do the sensible thing and vote with your dollars by leaving this turkey of a comic book the shelf.
Uncanny #4 is high-octane excitement that does not stop!
Leave this train wreck on the shelves at your LCS.
A must read for all X-Men and Avenger fans.
Russell Johnson offers: "This issue is both moving and inspiring."
Either big payoff or the Battle of the Atom will fall flat on its face.
Aquaman continues to be more interesting and more prominent with each issue.
Hal finally meets Guy Gardner, Red Lantern. Sector 2814 changes forever!
Daken peels Logan like a banana; Remender lightens the gloom with Cap humor.
40 pages of vampires, monsters and Halloween horrors! Fun!
Dejah Thoris uses her scientific skills to avert a nuking! Great surprises.
One of the best team-ups of pop pulp heroes ever. A fun comic!
The best of the chapters thus far in DC's Lights Out event!
A must read issue! Reads as if it's Infinity #5!
Fun issue filled with epic cosmic battles and more! Good stuff.