Terrific book to get in on if you are new to the DCU!
Snyder’s writing and Capullo’s art are off the chart!
The writers are making this book more than just a Green Lantern follow-up.
Scott Snyder's "Zero Year" continues with more intrigue and mystery into Batman's past. A must read for ALL Bat fans!
All out chaos reigns down in this installment of TWD and by tales end, you will cringe with both unease and excitement for the next issue!
DnA show they can bring new life to classic characters. Beware the Cylons!
A five-issue mini with gun-slinging action and shadowy mystery. A fun read!
Lawrence offers his review for Thor 2. "Favorite movie all year so far! An absolute must-see!"
Overall this is a really fun, entertaining read and Amazing X-Men is off to a great start.
This issue reignites the excitement the book brings to comic book shelves.
This is a great issue and an outstanding beginning to Taylor’s run on Earth 2.
Issue brings out the fanboy in Russell Johnson!
Venditti and Tan brilliantly present a turning point in the lives of the Lanterns.
Jerwa spins a dark and different sort of Vampirella adventure. Fun!
A mini-series proving Burroughs' characters are still vital and entertaining.
Lawrence reviews Ridley's Scott's latest over at Famous Movie News.
Drama is contrived, the dialogue is stilted, the (attempted) humor falls short.
One of the better Marvel events of the year with a satisfying payoff.
Damian fans will love this book!
Writer Robert Place Napton puts Dejah through some time travel paces. Fun!
Its simplicity is in its beauty. A comic well worth the five bucks.
Hickman makes our cosmic Avengers saga a very human adventure as well.
It's the end of Relic, and the beginning of a new status quo for the Lanterns.
A toon rife with nostalgia, a civil hulk, and a mayor who reminds us of someone.