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Twitch users may want to check their e-mail to see if they have been effected.
Irish vampire.
From the studio that brought you X-Men: Days Of Future Past.
6-episodes starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.
First look at a new all-ages Batman animated movie.
Rule #1: Don't mess with the Snart family. The Rogues return.
Trust Zack Sndyer's vision for the character and world.
Antboy returns in this explosive sequel to the original crime-fighting blockbuster movie.
Says good things will come from his Marvel involvement and more.
As a reward for patience and understanding check out almost eight minutes of footage.
Based on the award-winning HBO television drama series.
Disney almost got into trouble because of Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation.
"Fully capable and worthy follow up to Divergent for all the fanboys and girls..."
"People are going to pay..."
Infinity War movies will shoot simultaneously.
The New and Improved Annihilus proves too powerful for the Hulk to handle!
Here is your list of comics and more on sale for this week.
New nefarious scheme is going to kick off...
Epic battle between Arrow and Atom, and more.
How about Ms. Marvel?
Regular version of the trailer now online minus reactions.
Batman Vs. Robin confirmed and special screenings of the DC TV shows and more.
90 minute season finale.
From Arrow episode 19 to The Flash episode 21.
"You're going to get really crazy..."
At least Marvel Studios doesn't look to be going the PC route.
Is her supermodel body a problem? And will Wonder Woman be able to fly?
Coming 2015.
April Fools joke or the real deal?
Said to be closer than ever to happening.
Bringing in $70 million to the local economy.
Batch of new pics including Arnold and more.
Marvel in panic mode.
Different take than the Super Hero Registration Act.
Is Skye more like Captain America? Or The Hulk?!
The game is almost available on Steam, and listen to the Man of Steel's music.
"But at first -- daddy's got to go to work."
Predator officially a part of Mortal Kombat X - and more!
Free with WB Play account.
"Sorry Spidey, there's a pecking order."