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The writer tells M.E. Byron Brewer about fighting aliens, the joys of writing Castle and Elektra, and more!
Hits June 26th.
Wolverine vs Iron Man! Let's make it happen.
Check out the destruction the zombie plague has caused.
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Jaeger vs. the Kaiju!
Batch of new pics.
Cool new covers.
Welcome to a world where consuming chicken is illegal and those with super abilities related to food hold sway!
Sackoff wants to play Carol Danvers.
So which character then?
Iron Man 3 is not the only one.
The Rhino! Motion-Capture Suit.
Result of an earthquake or a big thunder lizard.
So which character is Dinklage playing?
Images, trailer and synopsis are up.
Rhomann Dey Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
Batch of Thor pics.
In theaters October 18th.
Our nosy M.E. gets the 411 from the scribe on demons, lost loves, murder most foul -- and kudzu.
New five part mini.
Filming begins next month.
Oscorp building blown to bits?
Play as Superman.
Issue hits in June.
Electro coming to Comic-Con.
Batch of spoilers from a Man of Steel book.
Check out Nolan and Snyder together on the Man of Steel.
Hits November 1st.
Images, info and contests.
Superman In NYC!
Watch if while you can.
Who is responsible for the radioactive devastation?!
Which House are you a member of?
Batch of pics includes Brad Pitt.
Wow! Singer trumps Whedon and Marvel Studios!
Get caugh up with first six episodes.
Asgard, Nine Realms and Thor details.
The scribe compares the protagonists and their wives, dishes about villains, and more in "Lords of Mars" with M.E. Byron Brewer.
We needed a new weapon.