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A super pic with news on the Superman music score.
Short description for Man of Steel Trailer #3. Nothing too spoilerific.
Top sales for March 2013.
Looks like the 9th Doctor will be a no show.
Maybe some things old are new again?
Extended spot for IM3.
Uh, oh. Not another cube.
Add another Hollywood remake to the list.
All roads lead to this.
Cool new motion poster for Cloudy 2.
Does the Mad Titan have a sense of humor?
More than meets Odin's eye?
Really cool variant.
New IMAX Tom Cruise poster.
Goyer talks Batman, Blade, Dracula, Christopher Nolan, Marvel, and Da Vinci's Demons.
Cumberbatch lands another big role.
Talk of the sequel before the movie even comes out. Fans are excited.
Details on the new WB animated movie become known.
New game debuts on the App Store with original combat gameplay mode.
New images give us a detailed look at the movie costumes.
Now available as an e-book.
You'll want to keep the lights on after you see JP4.
Catch the cast of IM3 at a country near you.
No Emma Frost for the sequel to First Class.
Fan-favorites stick around for Season 4.
New movie poster for the new zombie film.
Speculation abound surrounds James Gunn's Guardians movie. But what does the year 2045 have to do with it? If anything.
Gaiman's involvement is bigger than previously thought.
Details on the new DLC for Black Ops II leak online.
Filming takes places 45 minutes from the CBN offices.
Check out what Goyer has to say on Batman, FF and Dark Horse.
CBN M.E. Byron Brewer finds out why powerful red-heads have more fun in Gail Simone's comic books.
Clothes on? Or off?
Del Toro loves the bleep out of the idea.
Former Doctor Who companion shows off her comedy skills.
Right up there with John Carter and Battleship.
Spock and Uhura.
FF to get underway this Fall.
Uhura as Gamora? Not a bad choice.
More than 150 people will be laid off.