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Also get a WCBH variant to Batman/Superman.
Looks like a Strange Phase 3 film.
Hollywood horror meets old fashioned mystery in this new graphic novel from Viper Comics.
Canadians knew a good sci-fi show, eh? So what's up with Harlan Ellison?
J. Michael Straczynski and Ben Templesmith have an awesome new series from Image Comics that you should check out!
Not as good as an opening as overseas?
New super rumors.
Top ten comic book and graphic novel sales for April.
EIC Matt McGloin shares his thoughts on IM3!
On the Eve of the big debut!
Awesome new banner.
Don't worry about trying to hunt this down.
Zod as Aquaman?
New art and details.
Supes takes to the skies!
Check out some info if DnA were allowed to continue building up their Marvel Cosmic U.
New art.
Another FF member, possibly.
Super TV spot image gallery.
Colonel Stars training the new recruits.
Cool fan-made images.
Fresh batch of JL rumors to tied us over until the official news hits.
A fourth Kryptonian becomes known!
Now on iPhone and iPad.
Can you believe what happened in Downtown Orlando?!
Two new Assemblers for The Avengers 2.
London Calling seeking extras.
M.E. Byron Brewer gets the dish on a new kind of hero, writing genre comics, and the gritty feel of noir.
From a new upcoming book.
GL:NG #21 hits in June.
Of the flesh-and-blood sort .
Image gallery.
The Falcon with guns a blazin'!
Spoilers for another controversial issue.
International Fleet Commander.
Check out the main poster for the movie!
Activision releases details on Call of Duty: Ghosts.
The Klingons unmasked!
Prints become available on Friday.
Also talks how different it is than The Dark Knight.