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Day trip to Detroit.
Byron has "good feelings" about the future of Magnus: Robot Fighter.
Cruising around Hollywood in a sweet '66 Chevelle.
Grimlock breathing fire.
Centers on a character from the comic, Lilly Caul.
So do we.
You can use it to glide across the skyline of Gotham.
Chris Pratt wearing the helmet!
Ghost Rider is the only supehero for Cage.
Gareth Edwards talks about the monster and more.
20 songs from Alexandre Desplat.
Swings into theaters May 2nd!
Confronts a Sentinel in the future.
A look back at the events that determined the fate of a species.
Ties into X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Robert Kirkman says there is definitely a plan.
Prison break and Luke disappearing.
There's no place like Dome.
Bay not sure about Transformers 5 and 6.
The next episode should be another good one.
Ferris Air logo is the same as the movie.
Guardians assembling for The Avengers 3. More on Gamora, Nebula, Drax and Thanos.
"More representative of a modern woman."
Check out audio and video of the Kaiju MUTO monster.
Featuring a lost tale from Batman's past!
Stomps into theaters May 16th!
Gamora, Star-Lord and more.
These Are the Droids You’re Looking For!
Includes new Ripper weapon and Predator kill streak.
Plays a recurring guest role.
"There is no better home for comiXology than Amazon to see this vision through."
Something driving Quicksilver up a wall.
Godzilla vs the Military and more!
Kate Mara doesn't know much about it.
Already in development?
Second in the Art of Level Seven series.
Via Famous Movie News.
Producer Lauren Shuler Donner says Fox is now on board.
Marc Webb discusses the Sinister Six and more.
Possible members of the Sinister Six or spinoff character movies.