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New poster officially released.
Come down, guys. Looks good to us.
More of Shailene Woodley and Andrew Garfield.
A look at a new international poster.
Oscar award winning actress in talks.
Seth Grahame-Smith polishing the script.
Spoilers ahoy!
Bates as the main series villain.
Jack drops info on Man of Steel.
Seth says he won't be back.
Count on Marvel...to...?
WB is going to take a look at JLD.
Another Star Trek name attached and now Harry Potter, too.
Announcement and cover art.
Another new armor surfaces.
No Hulk smash movie?
Mary Jane on the streets of NYC.
Doesn't look like there will be a meeting of the minds.
Details for Iron Man 3. Spoilers follow.
Maybe Momoa turning down Marvel Studios was a good idea.
Spidey is seen hanging around.
Tony seen supporting Advanced Idea Mechanics.
Cap needs to get back in the gym!
Vote for the winner!
3 more to add to the last batch.
Here is your list of comics and merchandise on sale for this week.
Superman does move faster than a speeding bullet.
Another Robin dies. Again.
Surfer is numbered amongst the "First."
DeHaan's putting on a little muscle for the role.
3 new posters.
New costume, but really not all that new.
CBN's Lawrence Napoli gives us a run-down on the big winners and his thoughts on the show.
Adams mentions Margot Kidder on the Red Carpet.
Watch the Oscars online in its entirety starting tomorrow.
Diablo III footage debuts in March.
No go says Drew Karpyshyn.
Dear Stephen Wacker: How are you today?
Possible details on the new IM3 trailer.
Worst of the worst!

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