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Abrams is having a great time says LucasFilm.
Charles Roven pitches new series to SyFy.
X-Split posters.
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Flood gates are open.
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Amazing X-Men.
Sorry. No Vin Diesel for Marvel Studios. At least not anytime soon.
JRJ to write and draw?
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Awesome GOTG props from the SDCC!
Courtesy of Hasbro.
From last night's SDCC panel.
Alien Kaiju vs Godzilla?
Nova Prime is official.
Russell Crowe's friend in Gladiator.
Nova Corps in the new GoTG art.
We first told you about back in September.
Shown during SDCC footage.
Cool piece of art!
Guardians at the SDCC!
New out of this world logo!
The Avengers 2 is Age of Ultron!