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Shark-infested tornado movie comes to theaters!
Bring back Dredd. Sounds familar.
Expect casting announcements soon.
Debuts as part of YouTube Week.
Thor 2 hammers home at the SDCC.
Batman flood gates are open.
Drax and Gamora would whip Cap, Thor and Hulk.
Birthday in Japan and debuting three movies in Toronto.
Joe Rogan takes on Bigfoot and bizarre beliefs that have obsessed portions of the public for generations.
Info on Superman/Batman, the Batman reboot, Justice League movie, The Flash and more.
Member of the Corps with John C. Reilly.
Only on TV.
Running low on water.
Giant Man it is!
Also stars Pacific Rim's Rinko Kikuchi.
2 Guns are better than one.
Add another villain to the list.
Spidey, Gwen, Harry, Max Dillion and Rhino.
The immortal Wolverine. Update: fan-made poster.
Vin Diesel courting Mistress Death?
We're off to destroy the evil wizard.
Turtle power!
SyFy at Comic-Con.
"We have Thanos."
Does whatever a spider can.
Rhino, Vulture, Silver Samurai, lots more!
Fans need to remain vocal.
Hits in December.
Abrams is having a great time says LucasFilm.
Charles Roven pitches new series to SyFy.
X-Split posters.
M.E. Byron Brewer dissects this series on the problems of overpopulation versus the evils of eugenics.
Spidey vs. Electro!
J.J. bailing?
Berserker rage director's cut.
Plays Finnick Odair.
Director talks about the legendary monster and more.
Raphael in disguise on the streets of NYC.
Graces a magazine cover.