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2012 Mr. Buffalo will play main antagonist to the Alpha Squad.
As close to an official comment from Affleck we might get so far.
Thor 2 movie poster and separate character images.
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Iranian American singer Azam Ali joins Thor 2 as vocalist.
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"Nothing like any [other] American Godzilla."
DC getting some bad press as of late...
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Welling looking rather distinguised at the TIFF.
Giammti can't claim hard and fast knowledge, but can speculate.
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Wolverine owns the warrior inside him.
Comic relieve for Justice League Movie?
Which Marvel character will Vin Diesel play in 2016 which sees a "merging of brands?"
Speculation that Batman may be the driving force behind everything DC.
"This is unacceptable. It needs to stop now."
"I'd say don't try to belittle the Hulk in any way."
Talk about a bad case of indigestion!
Your move, creep!
Cumberbatch says that's that.
Listen and watch the new tune.
They walk among us. All will be revealed, September 18th!
On sale October 15th with a host of goodies.
Ten bucks a pop.
And his/her real name happens to be...!
Start lining up True Believers! Excelsior!
Upcoming supernatural drama filming later this month.
Hiddleston lands lead role.
A crisis with the Monitors involved!
CIA agent Solo and KGB agent Kuryakin.
Super actor about to tangle with Drax.
Marvel checking Katee's availability for next year.
Comic sales were down, but so was the number of books shipped.
Get tested today.
Emmerich offers updates on the popular science-fiction franchises.