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BOOM! hitting the big time exploding on the big screen.
M.E. Byron Brewer talks with the writer about the teaming of Miss Fury, Black Sparrow and The Shadow!
Different than the most recent versions of the Time Lord.
Ultron was never part of the package, but what about Scott Lang?
Tauriel and Bilbo from The Hobbit.
UK video game publisher Reef Entertainment has acquired Terminator and T2.
New Punisher from Ennis in 2014.
League of Assassins factoring into CW's Arrow?
Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon fly into living rooms everywhere this November.
Gibson sporting guns of his own.
Began productionin Bulgaria.
Star Wars 2016?
US version comes with a plethora of bonuses and its own Joker statue and more.
UK only version gets a lot of cool stuff.
The Batcave will be featured in Batman: Arkham Origins for the first time.
Wadlow updates X-Force.
Besides Wolverine, what character has good crossover appear?
Add one more to the ensemble cast.
Here is your list of comics on sale this week.
Bard the Bowman.
Who makes up the six?!
Pair of images with production wrapping.
Auditions look to begin soon using The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman suit.
CBN's very own on the big screen!
Pegg just caused trouble to have a little fun.
Millar offers some thoughts on the DC characters on the big screen.
Fan hooks up Starlin big time!
Dragons and dwarves!
Bendis sounds off on all the speculation, rumors and websites.
You can be the Ewen High classmate of the year!
Sorry, Grant. Wrong answer.
M.E. Byron Brewer takes a look at the beginnings of The Builder, Ex Nihilo.
Kindt takes over with JLA #9 out in November.
One old and one new?
Big money but all just fabrication.
Byron Brewer touches base with Larime Taylor, the artist/writer born with the rare congenital disorder Arthrogrysposis.
Quasar appearance #2.
No Aquaman in Justice League: War.
Hopes it's done correctly.
Busted! By the Nova Corps!