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Hulk, Wolverine and Hawkeye covers revealed.
Possible spoilers for Cap 2.
This weekly feature will showcase the top 5 comic book covers that will intrigue your eye and pique your interest as to what's inside!
Official info on PS4.
Producer Jason Blum makes the announcement.
Exact opposite of Microsoft.
Adam West Batman!
Game of Thrones looks to be the most pirated TV show of the year, once again.
Players will take up the holsters of two lawmen dispatched to the otherworld to protect and serve.
Snyder considers Justice League if people want more Superman.
Man of Steel 2 is being fast tracked with Justice League a part of Goyer's deal.
Watch the live cast for Playstation 4 from the E3.
Goyer wants Justice League and The Avengers are on official notice.
Full September 2013 Solicits includes all the Villains Month titles, Forever Evil, and more.
Some cool fan art of what Supergirl might look like.
WWZ image gallery from Paramount.
Scene specific spoilers and details.
Nova now under 40K. DnA's Richard Rider selling better at same issue number.
Add one more Easter Egg!
Watch the EA press conference live.
Black Bolt speaketh!
Path of destruction leads to California!
Details on the launch and reserve information and bonus content.
The must-have Spidey appearance.
New art for Cap.
Doctor Who star as Gaiman's Angela?
The Avengers movie has grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide.
Loeb's Nova takes another dip for May?
JLaw and Mysty Knight?
New poster, and trailer coming soon.
Snyder, Cavill, Crowe, Adams with JGL and the once possible Batman.
A definite look at Wolverine.
Check out the live cast with gameplay footage.
Check out a close-up!
Justice League assembles.
Superman starting his super training?
Production image from the finale.
More gimmicks.
Abrams moving to London at the end of the year.
List of comic books on sale next week.