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First Ender's Game trailer confirmed.
Igor is doing the heavy lifting.
Filming begins at the WonderCon!
Batman and Lois Lane are together in a new movie.
Continuum Season 2 coming soon.
JL #19 black and white variant.
Details on a Venom movie script.
Screenwriters talk Deadpool.
New Jaeger movie poster.
Fans react to Wacker.
In a letter sent to retailers, Bendis GoTG is compared to Giant Sized X-Men, Spidey and Civil War.
Someone did Wonder Woman right.
The Runaways movie is on hold permanently.
Pair of armors and a new promotion announced.
The one person with the power to turn Wonder Woman against Superman!
Marc Webb shows off more set images.
It's adamantium tasting time, boys!
High-Res images for Warner Bros. upcoming slate of Summer movies.
Turtle power.
The Japanese Jaeger stands revealed.
Featuring a heart-pounding competitive player vs. player battle experience.
In the near future, a hostile alien race (called the Formics) have attacked Earth.
This week's list of comics.
Logan's loves and more of Hugh Jackman.
The Comic Book Men get their own comic.
CBR doing Wacker and Marvel's dirty work? Probably not the first time.
Awesome GoTG poster.
Spoiler details for tonight's episode.
Superman and Wonder Woman are in Japan, but we don't know exactly why.
This could be the beginning of something.
These walkers are runners and jumpers.
The first invading Kaiju monser is revealed.
What superhero role is The Rock playing?
Bring back The Clone Wars is up and running.
Check out Blue Lantern Razer.
Update on when we can play the game as well as enter Closed Beta.
Digital game development studio for multiple platforms.
Abrams speaks out on Star Wars Episode VII and more.
J.J. is the man.
A cleaned up after Kick-Ass 2.

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