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Filming starts next year.
2009 game that launched it all.
Pratt starred in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Batman villains claim Gotham City as their own.
Opens March 20th.
Life is about to become a hurricane again.
1/6th scale collectible figure deluxe set.
Watch it while you can.
Hits May 2nd.
Rose McIver talks about her surprising new diet.
Unknown but important role.
Inspired by the Donner movies.
Hoping for sequels.
Looking for an actor with a square-jaw...
"Amanda Waller is in the house!"
Captain America shoved to the background.
Rob Liefeld not a fan.
Found of Rocksteady comments.
Batch of screen shots, too.
From producer Adi Shankar.
Gang is all here.
Features Oliver and Thea.
Shazam not cast.
To instill Fear is to instill Order.
The Avengers are attacked on their home turf in the beginning of a new LEGO Marvel saga!
It's got a different tone.
Ethnic Spidey?
Tried on the suit.
Self-made media magnate.
Apparently the latest "in thing" amongst the Hollywood crowd is to knock superhero movies.
DC All Access goes over this week's shows.
Variant Play Arts Kai Iron Man. Pics inside.
The greatest Marvel heroes and villains take over your phones and tablets like never before!
Here is your list of comics on sale for this week.
Lawrence goes over Oscar night with an in-depth look at the event and more.
Quaking with excitement?
Series available April 10th on Netflix.
Wearing Val Kilmer's Batman suit.
Airs Sundays on AMC.
Slott tell's fan to sit his ass down.