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A visit to the beach just hasn't been the same...
Brian Tee and Brittany Ishibashi spotted on set.
Looks like Margot Robbie's having fun.
Mark Hamill voices Trickster and Sinestro!
Korvac and his royal guard – the Guardians of the Galaxy – stand at the brink of destruction...
The Dark Side... And the Light...
Heroes don't get any bigger.
Interactive theme ride exhibit is now operational at Six Flags Texas.
New hacker series coming to USA Network.
Bad blood will reign. Don't miss the two part Season 5 premiere on June 29th and 30th!
Movie is set in the 80s with McAvoy looking sharp in denim.
Action-packed flick hits May 29th.
Wanted to play the love interest to Gal Gadot.
Transformers Cinematic Universe plans continue.
Mentors the new Sorcerer Supreme.
Justice League 3000 Batman, Classic TV series and more.
Marks Capaldi's first SDCC appearance.
Karai suits up...
Dive into the Star Wars universe from the comfort of your own home with the Star Wars: Battle Pod.
Coming in 2015 trailer.
A breathtaking new vision of humanity's next epic encounter with the being called DIVINITY!
Grillo started filming on his MMA series Kingdom.
Hits theaters July 1st.
The machine that gives Cyborg his powers is evolving!
I am vengeance! I am the knight! I am Batman!
Batmobile in high-def action chasing the Joker around the streets of Toronto.
Here is your list of comic books and related merchandise on sale for this week.
Map from Modern Warfare 2 now transported to the year 2054...
It's rather funny... And sort of freaky.
Cover of Doctor Strange #2...
Reveals two scenes used for the actresses.
Benoist auditioned ten times over the course of two-and-a-half months for the role.
This summer, revenge takes its final form.
Fox planning a movie reboot.
Can Calisto be far behind?
Damion Poitier possibly doing stunts for Cap 3.
Video with Hayley Atwell at the Houston Comicpalooza.
Ike Perlmutter said to be back at it.