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Watch the Joker discussing getting tatted up with a tattoo artist.
*There is a catch...
Official Avengers Twitter posts image of the actor from Ultron world premiere.
RDJ wants Peter Parker to be Spidey and join The Avengers.
Coming this Summer from Bruce Timm.
Ultron invades the world of Marvel’s MMO! Can the Avengers band together and stop the technological terror?
Less than a week to go.
TMNT Battlewagon, Tartaruga Brothers and sportscar.
A chance to reintroduce the story and make it accessible to the modern audience...
I miss my mom and dad and that is why I fight...
Introducing the Aquaman villain?
Four pics of Rey.
Full trailer gets released April 27th.
Has read the Civil War and New Avengers comics...
Image still of footage from the movie.
Episode will feature exclusive Avengers 2 footage.
No worries. The other guys have it worse.
Michael Green writes the script for a 2017 release.
17 minutes of extra footage coming this Summer.
Singer taking a couple of his new X-Men to DC...
Did Marvel nab the ideas of two brothers and the Radix comic?
Poses topless for Women's Health magazine.
David Ayer released pic for Joker 75th Anniversary.
Superman does whatever the hell he wants...
From M. Night Shyamalan and Jason Blum.
Stars Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophie Turner and Hailee Steinfeld.
The future is running out...
Diet, exericse, facial tips, Red Carpet attire...
Barry meets Wells' cpu/AI Gideon.
Arnold is back as The Guardian on July 1st.
Jim Starlin announces new Dreadstar story is forthcoming.
Marks the 30th anniversary of The Dark Knight Returns original graphic novel series.
Splitscreen available, play in space, pilot iconic vehicles, info on maps and more.
Full trailer hits in three days.
Will The Flash be fast enough to stop Eobard Thawne? The final 4 episodes of the season start Tuesday at 8/7c!
A corrective experience with legitimate journalism...
Attended Avengers 2 premiere...
Check out Marvel's new Avenger in action.