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"The worlds of DC are very different."
Advanced IMAX screenings, double features and Marvel marathon.
Paul Bettany revealed!
Fit enough to be Wonder Woman?
Full list of nominations.
Cringer's alter-ego!
Get tweeting!
Cap not fast enough...
Hex powers in action.
Hosts this Saturday.
"It's not true."
Roland Emmerich shares the news.
Adi Shankar not fighting it.
In theaters May 1st.
What happens to be if I fail your test?
Colossal figure stands approximately 21 inches tall.
"Weirdly now I just think it maybe could."
Adi Shankar presents "In Service Of Nothing."
"I bet you want to see... Everything."
Cool individual pics.
Hair cut and shave.
Awesome news.
"Fun cameo."
Whedon's co-writer and director on Cabin In The Woods.
Open to a cameo.