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Tiffany Smith of DC All Access offers an update. Watch the video.
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Talks the 1980s and more.
"There’s a lot of precedent from the comics."
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General Lane, Batman, Enchantress...
Fierce or Untamable King.
Coming this March.
Previously released as part of a magazine article.
Batman Unmlited and DC Super Friends.
Forget the Oscars, he's working for Marvel.
1/6th scale high-end figure.
"Will instantly become the defining Deadpool story."
Gibson is determined to play GL.
Big fan of the character.
Probably won't be blonde.
Paul Feig tweets out confirmation.
Disney may want to build a new franchise around Pratt.
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Fox sent over some high-res screengrabs.
Trailer rumored for today.
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Talks Cap, Civil War and Age of Ultron.
“I couldn’t imagine doing this again."