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Byron's latest chapter in his fan-fic epic saga.
CBN M.E. Byron Brewer presents his pitch to Abnett & Lanning about the fate of Drax's companion, Cammi.
Check out the latest episode of Darren Blackburn's Nova 619 fan fic web comic!
"Let's do the gravimetric burst again..." CBN's very own UK Correspondent, Darren Blackburn, offers up his version of Nova in the 619!
Timelord gives us the next part to his excellent Nova Fan Fic! The Warlord of the Sky and Sea!
Nova Fan Fic continues!
Taking place between the year Richard Rider spent on Xandar during the Second Xandar-Skrull War and the year between the end of the Annihilation Nova mini-series!
Timelord brings us the conclusion to his Nova fan fic starring Richard Rider's daughter, Sylvia Rider-Dru!
Check out part four of Timelord's fan fic, "Nova: The Next Generation" starring Sylvia Rider-Dru!
It's part three to Timelord's "Nova: The Next Generation" fan fic!
Courtesy Timelord, here is part two to the "Nova: The Next Generation" fan fic starring Nova's daughter, Sylvia Rider-Dru!
Courtesy our very own Timelord, check out Richard Rider's daughter, Sylvia Rider-Dru, in this Nova Fan Fic!