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This is the real deal.
The League flees north as a result of the events from Villains Month and more!
An unlikely alliance, but all is as it seems in DC Comics' Villains Month!
New comic event starts this November featuring Shockwave!
Our nosy M.E. probes the depths of Mars and its diverse societies with the writer.
If not Hank Henshaw then who?!
Joins Drax with Star-Lord on the way.
BOOM! hitting the big time exploding on the big screen.
M.E. Byron Brewer talks with the writer about the teaming of Miss Fury, Black Sparrow and The Shadow!
New Punisher from Ennis in 2014.
Here is your list of comics on sale this week.
Fan hooks up Starlin big time!
Bendis sounds off on all the speculation, rumors and websites.
Sorry, Grant. Wrong answer.
M.E. Byron Brewer takes a look at the beginnings of The Builder, Ex Nihilo.
Kindt takes over with JLA #9 out in November.
Byron Brewer touches base with Larime Taylor, the artist/writer born with the rare congenital disorder Arthrogrysposis.
Quasar appearance #2.
Rom survives by the sounds of it.
Thank Galactus.
Getting relaunched? Again?
Covers and info for November's comics.
Features evolving zombies.
Another character gets axeled.