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There have been many "deaths" this week in comics but one hits harder than the rest!
Major character killed off?
Now fits with the movies. Surprised?
Check out the list of comics ending prior to Secret Wars. NINO, we won't miss you.
DC fumbles their statement; Erik Larsen reacts and more.
John Cassaday announces exit.
Narrated by Skeletor!
Mark Hamill has four words for you!
"Threats of violence and harassment are wrong and have no place in comics or society."
The devastating truth behind the terrorists from Kandor has been uncovered!
Here is your list of comics and more on sale for this week.
Joker variants coming in June.
Bringing the hit-sensation young adult series Maximum Ride to the world of comics.
Venture to a wondrous techno-utopia, with a dark and sinister secret.
Does the theme music come with it?
All kinds of zombies and other undead creatures to be found in DC Comics.
Geek box subscriptions are becoming the sure thing.
Power gauntlet.
Dress as your favorite DC hero to break the world record.
A daring new direction begins...
Things don't look good for the Corps.
Brevoort confirms on Tumblr.
GLC missing, Hal left behind and now is time time for the Sinestro Corps to shine!
Super secret teased, too,