Action Comics #873New Krypton: Part 10 - "Birth of a Nation"Geoff Johns – WriterPete Woods, Renato Guedes, and Wilson Magalhaes – ArtistsBrian Anderson and David Curiel – Colorists Warning: Contains Spoilers Brief Rundown:Lex Luthor and General Lane are watching footage of Supergirl knocking Superman around. Lex seems to be working on Doomsday’s body.The battle in Kandor between Earth’s superheroes and the kryptonians grows much larger.Alura ends the conflict by taking the city off the Earth using Brainiac’s technology, and somehow a planet grows under it.Supergirl leaves Earth. Supes’ isn’t welcome on New Krypton.In Smallville Clark stands at Pa’s grave. His family and friends discuss the happenings of Superman’s decisions.Agent Liberty is seen snooping around Project 7734 until the mysterious Superwoman appears and burns a hole through his head.Alura meets with General Zod.The New Krypton arc concludes.Drew’s Review:Wow a lot happened in this issue.It’s weird, I guess I’m still getting adjusted to Superman comics being good, and by good I mean continuously good, really great solid stuff.Geoff Johns has returned Action Comics to the top of the charts. I don’t recall it ever being a big seller since The Death of Superman days of the early 90s. So as a lifetime fan of the character, I, sir am stoked.I’m seriously loving the scenes between Lex and Sam Lane. These guys have a great chemistry and I’m excited to see where their little project is going, and what they want to do to Superman and the kryptonians.The line about erecting a statue of Lex was gold.The battle in Kandor was very well done. I knew Mr. Johns would pull it around and make it kick some ass. In my last review I complained a little about James Robinson’s plotting of the fight scene between the superheroes and the kryptonians. This more than made up for that.Pete Woods is perfect for this title. Both Woods and Gary Frank should be kept on these titles at all costs. They perfectly capture the wonder of New Krypton and also portray a very epic scope to their splashes. Superman needs these.The whole Captain Marvel taking out kryptonians with his magic lightning was weak though. Anyone who has read Kingdom Come knows that Shazam’s magic doesn’t take Superman’s powers away. My God, in Kingdom Come, Superman got hit with it a ton of times. It did weaken him, because it’s magic, but how would it de-power them? Their abilities are from the sun.I’m looking forward to seeing it explained how Alura built a planet under Kandor. I’m guessing it was sun crystals, but it’d be nice for it to be clarified.I really like New Krypton being its own planet though, especially in our solar system. It definitely shows that being “Super” doesn’t make Clark Kent a hero. It’s his morals and sensibilities that do so. Ma and Pa raised him well.The panel of Clark and Lois’s cubicle was priceless. Clark still uses his typewriter, Johns knows his Superman history. I think this image of the empty desk foreshadows Superman’s departure from Earth for a while, as hinted at with the take over of Action Comics by Nightwing and Flamebird.Now a random flip to Renato Guedes’s art, which again to me looks awkward.Lana, Ma Kent, Lois and a rather big version of Krypto are gathered in the Kent’s kitchen in Smallville.Lana? Ughhh. Why is she there?You have Clark’s mother, his wife, his dog…and his old high school girl friend? Lana doesn’t have to be everywhere. She’s not an important character, Lois is. Stop shoving her down our throats.Superman’s conversation with his father’s tombstone felt really rushed and forced. I hope Clark has more time to grieve this awful loss in further issues. He hasn’t really been able to mourn.Then for no reason (except a dramatic image) Clark tears open his shirt and flies away as the Man of Steel.Then we get Epilogue One. Agent Liberty snoops through Project 7734. He over hears Lex and General Lane talking and then is murdered by the mysterious Superwoman. We’re left to wonder if Superwoman works for Lex. Could she be the return of the Matrix Supergirl?Wishful thinking of course, then again I’m almost certain that Nightwing is Conner Kent. Well we will see.New Krypton comes to a close with the return of the infamous General Zod. For once he doesn’t want anyone to “kneel”, which is a plus. He has more words in his vocabulary I guess.I’m a sucker for the good old General though. He’s just so badass. Even in his P-Diddy get-up. He just commands respect. I like to see that Alura and he are working together.Dark days lay ahead for the mighty Son of Jor-El, and you can count on me being there to review them.I give this issue 5 out of 5 Speeding Bullets.Pick it up now!Pretty much one of the best Superman issues I’ve read in a while and a very nice closing to the New Krypton arc, everyone was in character and the pacing was terrific. If you are somehow reading this, Mr. Johns, I tip my hat to you.Short Recap:Story: 5/5: Well-done ending to the New Krypton arc.Art: 4/5: A few awkward poses, but most of Pete Woods stuff is greatCover: 4/5: I really dug this cover but I gotta knock a point off for the Faces of Evil logo. This issue had nothing to do with that event.