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It really is a book all about emotion and mood.
Lawsuit filed by Elmo sexual abuse attorney.
Part of a scene essential to the movie.
All-new episode next Wednesday.
Filming in Toronto for Guillermo del Toro's haunted house thriller.
New footage revealed.
Rebel or Imperial Walkers?
Will Rodman's fate revealed.
Spidey is unique and not part of a team.
Maybe the start of a mutually beneficial relationship.
Hydra appears to be winning.
Get down with Spidey and the gang.
Steve Rogers is about to discover the betrayal of his closest allies.
First of NBC's new online video initiative.
Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and more.
In theaters May 23rd.
Coulson races to save the life of his one true love.
Kevin Feige and the cast discuss the movie and more.
Found-footage not featuring Jason Voorhees?
Matthew Vaughn producing.
Scarlett Johansson said to be at a local college, too.
Announcement and first look at new costumes hopefully soon.
Deathstoke hits Oliver at home.
Hoff entered pop culture as Michael Knight.
Get an early look at Blue Beetle in the latest Champion Profile.
Sinestro will never be without fear...
Final trailer released tonight.
Friday, April 18 in the Arena starting at 6:00pm.
Zimmer doesn't know if he can come up with something new.
Byron talks Rann and Thanagar, a new member of the Cree, and Moose Factory!
Gareth Edwards autograph signing and giveaway.
Via Famous Movie News.
Based on the best selling book series.
City needs heroes. Here's one.