Wesley Snipes Said To Be Back For Fourth Blade Movie

Reported to be a done deal. Maybe we'll get a Nightstalkers movie with Ghost Rider.

James Gunn Confirms Adam Warlock's Cocoon For Guardians of the Galaxy & Thor 2

James Gunn dishes the details on The Collector's collection.

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Birds of a feather shock together …
From the writing/directing team on The Lego Movie.
Good news and bad news.
Location Manager Michael Reilly describes the unique challenges of shooting on location.
Agents for the Strategic Scientific Reserve.
GPD, Zack Snyder and more.
The Marvel Universe prepares for the biggest battle its ever faced.
Prepare for another spooky RPG adventure.
Ratbag is a special Uruk who plays a critical role in the story as Talion goes on his journey to destroy Sauron’s army.
Television's roller-coaster ride...
5 zombie images and more of the cast.
Will Marvel use Carol Danvers?
"Something so sexy and badass about Catwoman."
Dishes on getting the part, his take on Luthor and more.
Glove that holds the six Infinity Gems.
Blu-Ray available in a couple weeks.
Reported to be a done deal. Maybe we'll get a Nightstalkers movie with Ghost Rider.
Bugs explains to Daffy how he really was Super Rabbit for a while, and why he gave it all up.
Assemblers take on an "Earth-shaking, staggering threat."
During a vicious xenomorph outbreak, terraforming engineer Derrick Russell leads a desperate group of survivors onto a rickety mining vessel.
The shocking conclusion to “THE INJUSTICE LEAGUE” leads to a startling confrontation.
A collection worth killing for.
Get ready for the showdown of the century.
Warning: The trailer contains mature content.
Plays the strongman.
Replaces Devon Aoki.
Stephen Amell shares a look at episode 15.
Good news: Hawkeye will be around for a while.
Rick, Daryl, Carol and Tyreese, and Gareth. Updated with cast promos.
Witness the beginning of the end and the rise of a new Cabal.
Said to be at the one yard line.
Green screen pics.
The Flash? Metallo? Nope.
When Darkness Falls, The Son Will Rise.
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